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EVS18 - Electric Vehicle Symposium 20.-24. Oktober 2001 in Berlin

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Die Parade der Elektrofahrzeuge am 20.10.

participants-information: Electric Vehicle Parade
The Electric Vehicle Parade is the prelude of the EVS 18. More than 70 electric, fuel cell and hybrid vehicles participate in the convoy through Berlin downtown.

Schedule: Saturday, 20th October 2001

10:00 h Opening of the meeting place: Breitscheidplatz
11:30 h The governing mayor of Berlin, Mr Wowereit welcome the participants and start the EV Parade
12:30 h Arrival at the Potsdamer Place
13:00 h Final meeting: greetings by the Berlin Senator of economy and technology, Ms Freifrau von Friesen
13:20 h Photo session
14:30 h Closing of the meeting place

Meeting place

Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzienstraße around the Breitscheidplatz, downtown of Berlin.
Access to the meeting place: Please enter the meeting place at 10:00 h the Tauentzienstraße at the corner Tauentzienstraße / Nürnberger Straße. From this point you will be guide into your start position.

Breitscheidplatz, Kurfürstendamm in western direction, turning point: Wielandstraße, Kurfürstenstraße in eastern direction, An der Urania, Schillstraße, Klingelhöferstraße, Hofjägerallee, Siegessäule, Straße des 17. Juni, Brandenburger Tor, Ebertstraße, Potsdamer Platz.

1. DaimlerChrysler: Nebus, 2. Bewag: Berlingo, 3. Ford: Fuell Cell, 4. Renault: Kangoo, 5. EdF: Bus, 6. DaimlerChrysler: Vito, 7. PSA: Peugeot 106 électrique, 8. Fiat, 9. Ford: e-Ka, 10. MAN: Bus, 11. Piaggio: Porter, 12. DaimlerChrysler: Sprinter, 13. Peugeot: Saxo électrique, 14. Perm: Box, 15. Bewag: Berlingo, 16. Esoro: HyCar. 17. - 35. bsm: 18 Twikes who represent the 18 years of EVS. From 36. position given by the time of arrival

Speed: Approximate 25 km / h.

Security: The convoy will be escorted by the Berlin Police

Supply of electricity: Please inform us if your are interested in charging at Friday afternoon, at the night from Friday till Saturday or at Saturday morning. Our charge unit is located at the parking space P3 at the exhibition grounds, Masurenallee next to the Messedamm. We provide you on the Ride & Drive area with AC (with neutral conductor), 230 V / 16 A, 50 Hz, sockets (Schukosteckdosen) for 40 electric vehicles as well as 3 phase AC, CEE 63A (Cekon-Stecker) for 3 electric vehicles.

EVS 18 - Exhibition Office    c/o Technische Universitaet Berlin     Wissenstransfer
    Frank R. Mueller     fon: +49.30.314-79565     fax: +49.30.314-24087  

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