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EVWORLD UPDATE Version 2.50 - 10. Dezember 2002
FUEL CELL DISRUPTOR Alec Brooks with AC Propulsion's tzero electric sports
car. Brook's delivered a withering analysis of fuel cell technology
at this week's public workshop in Sacramento.
> http://evworld.com/databases/storybuilder.cfm?storyid=464

RENEWABLE RACING - PART 2 Starting with the 2003 season, Dana's 450 HP Pro
Infinity race car will sport a new ethanol logo, the first step in what he
sees as a gradual shift to this renewable fuel.
> http://evworld.com/databases/storybuilder.cfm?storyid=462

MY FUEL CELL JOY RIDE Toyota FCHV4 fuel cell SUV at California Fuel Cell
Partnership December 2001. The company recently began leasing a handful in
Japan and California.
> http://evworld.com/databases/storybuilder.cfm?storyid=463


Arctic Ice Is Melting at Record Level, Scientists

Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydro

Bush's Plan on Warming Needs Work and Money, Exper

New Capacitor Technologies to Power Innovative Nis

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 Arctic Ice Melting Much Faster Than Thought --

The Wonders of Live Webcasting
I spent the better part of last Thursday listening to testimony during the
California Air Resources Board's public workshop in Sacramento, and I wasn't
even there!
Through the magic of the Internet, a high-bandwidth connection and
streaming video technology I was able to participate in an event that was
some 1,500 miles away.  Sure the video was the size of a business card, but
that didn't make any different to me.  The picture was sharp and clear and
the audio excellent.  More importantly, I got to hear the testimony of
numerous EV enthusiasts and supporters who urged the Air Resources Board to
not abandon its goal of introducing zero emission vehicles.  Interestingly,
only one carmaker representative read a statement. That was Ben Knight from
Honda, who restated the company's position that it had tried, in good faith,
to introduce battery electric cars with little success.
Interestingly, the chorus of calls for grid-connected hybrids appears to
be growing louder, at least from the tenor of the testimony on Thursday.
 A grid hybrid, as it's known, would have between 20 and 50 miles of
battery-only range, enough to get you back and forth to work without
generating any local emissions. It's ICE (internal combustion engine) would only turn on when the batteries ran
low or when driving longer distances.

EPRI's Bob Graham launched the initiative during the morning session. A
number of other's expressed support for the concept as a way to achieve the
goals of the ZEV Mandate while enabling carmakers to build a vehicle that
could meet the needs of more drivers.  Only one person objected by pointing
out that it didn't make sense to him to carry around that ICE five days out
of the week.
However, the most compelling testimony in my view came from Alec Brooks
with AC Propulsion.  His presentation looked at some of the assumptions
about fuel cell vehicles. Alec has graciously allowed EV World to reprint
his paper, the first half of which is on the web site this week.  Prepare to
have your assumptions turned up side down!
EVWORLD UPDATE Version 2.49 --- December 3, 2002

RENEWABLE RACING Dana has been racing since his teens and has now set his sights on the big time by working his way up the Indy racing ladder.
IS CARB GETTING REAL OR CAVING IN? A public workshop to determine rules for 2003 ZEV Mandate will take place this week in Sacramento, the state capitol. A 14-mile-long light rail system serves the city center.
WHEN VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE DOESN'T WORK Pollution credits trading programs are seen by many as a market-based solution to encouraging emissions reductions, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that it isn't working as well as some thought.
MICHAEL MOORE'S 'BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE' Filmmaker, author Michael Moore takes on America's culture of violence and fear in critically-acclaimed "Bowling for Columbine."



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very Breath You Take -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news261102-12

EVWORLD UPDATE Version 2.48, 26. November 2002

OXYGEN THERAPY - PART 2 Oxygen team in Pisa. Raffaello Locatelli (left), Marcel Schreuder (center),Antonio Bertini (right). Schrueder is Dutch designer and Bertini is chief engineer.

EV1 : VICTIM OF LIABILITY LAWS? EV1 in its glory days, now fast fading as the last 3-year leases run out and GM "recycles" the cars to avoid future liability claims.

SPY PHOTOS: TH!NK CITY CONVERTIBLE One of a set of photos sent to EV World of Th!nk city EV as a convertible. The fate of the program still is unknown at this time.



States Plan Suit Over Air Changes -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news231102-01
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EVWORLD UPDATE Version 2.47 - 19. Nov. 2002

OXYGEN THERAPY Oxygen's Lepton electric motor scooter shows its Italian styling and appeal. Of course, an attractive female model doesn't hurt either, but sadly she doesn't come with the vehicle.

HONDA INSIGHT - PART 3 Honda Civic GX uses natural gas, giving it a 200-mile range and a SULEV emissions rating. Honda sells about 1000-a-year in the US.

MOVING EVERYONE UP THE EFFICIENCY LADDER ES3 concept hybrid-electric diesel gets over 100 mpg (45km/liter), but Toyota says it has no plans to commercialize the four-passenger vehicle.



Shell Green Record Holds Lessons for Big Oil, Says -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news171102-01

World's First Co-Production Hydrogen-Electricity S -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news171102-02

Lifestyle May Be to Blame for Rise in Asthma -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news171102-03

Californians: Not My Problem -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news151102-02

EPA to Issue Air Quality Standards -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news141102-02

Builders of Colorado's Most Energy Efficient Homes -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news141102-03

Indian Electric Cars to be Exported to Europe -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news141102-04

Report: How to Invest in Wind Power -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news141102-05

Sharp to Make Solar Power Generators in U.S. -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news141102-06

Abraham Unveils Hydrogen-Car System -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news131102-03

German Ecotax Reform Introduced -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news131102-06

Arkansas Lawmaker Proposes New Energy Tax -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news131102-07

DOE Secretary Gives Major Address on Personal Tran -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news131102-08

UTC and NAVC To Develop Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Power -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news121102-01

Air Pollution-Medical Costs Linked -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news121102-02

Tough Air Pollution Regs Impact Snowmobiles -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news121102-03

White House To Allow More Snowmobiles in Yellowsto -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news121102-04

Suzuki Twin Uses Hybrid-Electric Drive -- http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news121102-05

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.22 - 28. Mai 2002

JAMES WOOLSEY SPEAKS OUT Woolsey sees biomass fuels as the only viable alternative fuel option open to America as a potential replacement for petroleum.

VIVA VOLOCI! Voloci's powerful 1600 Watt electric motor easily propels it to 25 mph with an estimated range of 15-20 miles.

POWERDRIVE PERSPECTIVE PowerDrive designs range from the highly sophisticated to the simple but crude. This car from Cedar Rapids, Iowa is one of the former.

DELAWARE BEACH COMMUNITIES GO ELECTRIC! First pair of GEM neighborhood electric vehicles awaiting delivery as part of Delaware beaches demonstration program.

26May2002 - Avista Fuel Cell Subsidiary Looking for Partner  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-01]

26May2002 - Solarworld & Degussa Form Joint Venture  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-02]

26May2002 - Specialists Warn Days of Cheap Oil Numbered   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-05]

26May2002 - EV Maker Corbin Finds Bumpy Road  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-06]

26May2002 - A Green Bill Of Health?   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-07]

24May2002 - Solar Cloth Offers Moveable Power  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-01]

24May2002 - Solar Power:A Slight Chill In the Air  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-02]

24May2002 - With Mideast Uncertainty, US Turns to Africa for O  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-03]

24May2002 - Executive Charges 'Big Coal' Swayed Bush   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-04]

24May2002 - Bush Reduces Clinton-era Air Conditioner Efficienc  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-05]

24May2002 - Britain to Build Biggest Wind Farm  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-06]

24May2002 - Honda Recalling 1.3M Vehicles  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-07]

24May2002 - Platts: Wind Energy Fits Easily into Wholesale Pow  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-08]

24May2002 - Rally Pits Cars Against Pollution  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news240502-09]

24May2002 - Sale of Spanish Wind Farm Assets Halted  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260502-04]

23May2002 - Fuel Cell Cars Offer Solution To Curtail Greenhous  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-01]

23May2002 - 2002 Clean Cities Award Winners Announced  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-02]

23May2002 - Costs, Future of Urban Sprawl Examined in New Book  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-03]

23May2002 - 16,000 Rural Moroccan Homes To Be Solar Powered  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-04]

23May2002 - GM/Suzuki JV To Develop EVs with Electrovaya  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-05]

23May2002 - Platinum Mining Firm Profits Down, But Auto Indust  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-06]

23May2002 - Lincoln Composites Shows 10,000 PSI Tank  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-07]

23May2002 - SatCon Awarded Contract For Military Hybrid-Drive   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-08]

23May2002 - HARC Installs 5kW Fuel Cell System  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-09]

23May2002 - Study Sees Major Expansion Ahead for Distributed G  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-10]

23May2002 - Energy Task Force Documents Show Industry Influenc  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-11]

23May2002 - Study: Oil Runoff Worse Than Spills  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news230502-12]

22May2002 - Chinese Close on Deal to Import Liquified Natural   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-01]

22May2002 - Medis Direct Liquid Methanol Fuel Cell Achieves Pe  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-02]

22May2002 - Firoz Rasul's Power Trip  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-03]

22May2002 - World Facing Critical Choices on Environment  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-04]

22May2002 - US EPA, Ehanol Industry to Meet on Pollution Probe  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-05]

22May2002 - Biodiesel: From Fast Food to Fast Trucks  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news220502-06]

21May2002 - US Solar Power Exports Up 43%  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-01]

21May2002 - Shell to Acquire First California Wind Farm  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-02]

21May2002 - Wisconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard On Track  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-03]

21May2002 - Engineers Create Robotic System to Make Composite   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-04]

21May2002 - Ballard to Supply Nissan with Fuel Cells  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-05]

21May2002 - Brazil to Take Renewable Energy Plan to Summit   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-06]

21May2002 - BP Unveils Chicago's First Solar-Powered Gas Stati  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news210502-07]

<b>Days of Cheap Oil Nearing End? </b><br>
"There is no factual data to support the general sense that the world will be awash in cheap oil forever," Matthew Simmons stated last week in Uppsala, Sweden. "We desperately need to find a new form of energy."
Is Simmons just another pessimistic, liberal, left wing crank?  Hardly.  He's an investment banker who helped advise the Bush presidential campaign in 2000 on energy issues.  He, along with others who see the end of cheap oil approaching as soon as 2010, met last week in Sweden to debate how much oil is left to be discovered. 
Of course, there are lots of other experts who disagree with this conclusion including, the US Energy Information Agency which sees the peak happening nearer 2030. But as for Simmons, he is quoted as predicting that the United States would suffer an energy scare even sooner, due to a 10 percent decrease he foresees in U.S. production of natural gas this year. 
Unfortunately, he concludes that America will have to turn more to coal and nuclear power in response; both very bad ideas in my view, especially in light of a report issued by Platt last week that indicates wind power can fit easily into the developing wholesale electricity marketplace, despite its distributed nature. 
<b>No EVs Needed Until 2006</b><br>
If you're expecting to see a lot of new battery electric vehicles hit California's streets and freeways starting in 2003 with the implementation of the ZEV mandate, you may be disappointed. 
According to two different sources in California, both GM and Toyota - - and I suspect Ford and DaimlerChrysler  - - have garnered enough ZEV credits from their EV1 and RAV4 EV programs, respectively, to not have to begin selling or leasing full-function ZEVs until 2005 or 2006. 
The reason is, for every one BEV carmakers have leased in California, they initially receive 4 ZEV credits. This number decreases with each passing year starting in 2003.  So, instead of having to build and sell thousands of electric cars starting next year, they will probably only have to sell a few hundred, and many of these can be NEVs like the GEM and Th!nk neighbor class of vehicle. 
By 2006, however, the multiple credits will be gone and carmakers will have to begin selling far more ZEVs, unless of course, they can come up with yet another delaying or derailing tactic.
<b>GM To Offer RAV4 EV Competitor? </b><br>
Which really makes last week's "below the radar" announcement out of Canada a bit of a puzzle.  It seems GM and Suzuki are teaming with Electrovaya, a small Canadian firm that makes lithium-ion batteries, to produce a battery electric version of the Chevrolet Tracker/Suzuki.  The little known Canadian battery manufacturer said it had signed a memorandum of understanding that it would develop an electric drive system for the GM-Suzuki joint venture in Canada.  This would, in effect, create a competitor for Toyota's popular RAV4 EV, which has leased - - as of just over a week ago - - some 150 vehicles to consumers in California since its official launch less than three months ago. 
Toyota has also donated some 20 previously-leased RAV4 EVs to Clean Cities coordinators around the US. 
<b>Tour de Sol </b><br>
One of the annual "Rites of Spring" in our EV world is the Tour de Sol. Started over a decade ago to demonstrate clear, pollution-free forms of personal transportation, the Tour has evolved into a showcase for both individual innovation and corporate technological prowess.  Tens of thousands of people along America's eastern seaboard get to see everything from hybrid-electric transit buses to solar-powered motor scooters.
I can't let this year's Tour pass without acknowledging the near-heroic efforts of Mike Bianchi, whose daily email reports before, during and after the event enable those of us who can't attend the Tour to get a detailed glimpse of the competitors and the rally, itself. If you missed Mike's reports, you can find them archived at the following URL: http://www.AutoAuditorium.com/TdS_Reports_2002
A big EV World thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mike.  The same applies to Nancy Hazard, the team at NESEA and all the volunteers who make this event possible.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD

Bill Moore


EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.21 - 21. May 2002

CLEAN CITIES 2002 REVIEW As part of a $300 million urban renewal project, a small fleet of propane-fueled trolleys provide low-cost shuttle service in Oklahoma City's downtown district.

THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH HIM - PART 2 Fisher with his companion, Yippi, on hillside above his ranch. His Toyota RAV4 EV is powered by electricity generated by solar panels behind him.

UQM IS STILL UNIQUE - PART 3 Invacare builds some 50,000 electric wheelchairs with two UQM machines per chair, giving company steady cash flow.


17May2002 - Human Activity Raising Sulfur Levels, Impacting Ea  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-01]

17May2002 - Changes in Rainfall Patterns Spur Plant Growth, Ca  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-02]

17May2002 - More Oil Found in Alaska  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-03]

17May2002 - Yucca Mountain Not Enough for Waste   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-04]

17May2002 - Pa. DEP Secretary Welcomes 2002 Tour de Sol Partic  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-05]

17May2002 - Honda & Plug Power to Co-Develop Residential Fuel   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-06]

17May2002 - California Becomes Legal Battleground  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news170502-07]

16May2002 - US Interest in Biodiesel Growing.  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news160502-01]

16May2002 - NHTSA May Reconsider Definitions of Vehicles, Affe  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news160502-02]

16May2002 - End of 'Free Ride' on Ecosystem CO2 Absorption  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news160502-03]

16May2002 - Ballard Said to Learn From Fuel Cell Delay  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news190502-01]

<b>Corbin Legal Woes</b><br>
The Hollister, California Pinnacle reports that the folks who make the Corbin Sparrow recently lost a lawsuit against some 46 shareholders of a company with which Corbin Motors merged back in 1998.  According the newspaper, when executives from MCM Technologies began to point out what they considered safety and quality control issues in the Sparrow, Corbin Motors fired them.  The executives filed suit for wrongful termination and Corbin responded with their own lawsuit against the shareholders in an effort to undue the merger.
The court threw out Corbin's suit last week, adding that the company should have found a way to settle this amicably at the corporate level, not the personal level.  Apparently, this suit is only one of a number of woes besetting the EV maker who allegedly has dealers and owners up in arms over a host of service and product issues, as well. 
<b>The Great Diesel Debate</b><br>
One of the highlights of the 2002 National Clean Cities Conference in Oklahoma City last week was the second round of the "Great Diesel Debate" pitting the Diesel Forum against the NRDC and the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.  The debate centered around which fuel and technology is the cleanest, and by my reckoning, the natural gas folks won this round, though there is no question diesel technology is improving. We'll webcast the debate in its entirety in the next couple weeks.  We think you'll find it informative and a bit amusing.
<b>Yucca Mountain Not Enough</b><br>
The US House of Representative's recently voted to override Nevada's objections to using the Yucca Mountain site as the nation's repository of its nuclear waste.  The consensus all along has been that Nevada's efforts would prove futile as most of the other States in the Union are as anxious to get rid of their waste as Nevada is to prevent its shipment.  Now we learn that Yucca Mountain isn't going to be able to hold all the nation's nuclear waste after all.   A lot of it is still going to have to remain in temporary storage, which sort of begs the question why ship it to Nevada in the first place, exposing thousands of communities and millions of people to an estimated 100,000 shipments over the next 30 years.  And while the shipments may be safe from conventional accidents, the destruction of the World Trade Center towers demonstrates terrorists can find unexpected ways to wreak havoc.
<b>Eco System Free Ride May Be About Over</b><br>
Researchers at Duke University have found what they believe is an explanation for why global warming hasn't occurred as rapidly as earlier projected.  It appears that much of the earth's excess CO2 is being absorbed by plants promoting vigorous green growth around the planet. However, they also think this "free ride" is about to end.  It seems plants can only take up so much CO2, which at a certain point will prevent the take up of other important nutrients. This natural limiting factor would seem to indicate that any plans to depend on carbon sequestration in forests and idle crop lands may not be as promising as once hoped.
<b>Lack of Imagination the Real Issue</b><br>
In case you missed it, last week it was revealed that the CIA, FBI and the White House had all been warned of imminent terrorist acts against America prior to 9/11, with one report from 1999 indicating that the terrorists might use hijacked airliners.  Ironically, about the same time as the 1999 report, the Pentagon was running emergency preparedness scenarios that included crashing airliners into a scale model of the building, which sits just off the main approach to Reagan International Airport.  
The big question around Washington, D.C. is how much did the White House know and when? Democrats, sensing blood in the water, questioned what the Bush Administration knew and why it didn't do more to prevent the tragedy of 9/11.  Nearly everyone I've spoken to here takes the view that while scattered pieces of the puzzle might have been known, no one could have foreseen exactly how all the pieces would fit together, giving Bush the benefit of doubt.
But as Thomas Friedman puts it, the problem may not be one of a lapse in intelligence, but of imagination. The  New York Times columnist's most recent editorial criticizes the White House - and the Democratic Party - -  not for their lack of intelligence, but for their lack of imagination.  Friedman charged that the Bush Administration has squandered the positive feelings in America after 9/11 by not launching an all out effort to begin weaning the country from its oil addiction.
He writes, "I blame [Bush] for squandering all the positive feeling in America after 9/11, particularly among young Americans who wanted to be drafted for a great project that would strengthen America in some lasting way - -  a Manhattan project for energy independence. Such a project could have enlisted young people in a national movement for greater conservation and enlisted science and industry in a crash effort to produce enough renewable energy, efficiencies and domestic production to wean us gradually off oil imports.
"Such a project would not only have made us safer by making us independent of countries who share none of our values. It would also have made us safer by giving the world a much stronger reason to support our war on terrorism. There is no way we can be successful in this war without partners, and there is no way America will have lasting partners, especially in Europe, unless it is perceived as being the best global citizen it can be. And the best way to start conveying that would be by reducing our energy gluttony and ratifying the Kyoto treaty to reduce global warming.
"We and our kids are going to regret [not launching this national energy independence initiative]. Because a war on terrorism that is fought only by sending soldiers to Afghanistan or by tightening our borders will ultimately be unsatisfying. Such a war is important, but it can never be definitively won. Someone will always slip through. But a war on terrorism that, with some imagination, is broadly defined as making America safer by also making it better is a war that could be won. It's a war that could ensure that something lasting comes out of 9/11, other than longer lines at the airport - and that something would be enhanced respect for America and a country and a planet that would be greener, cleaner and safer in the broadest sense.
"Too bad we don't have a president who could imagine that," Friedman concluded.

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Bill Moore


EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.19 - 7. Mai 2002

UQM IS STILL UNIQUE Bill Rankin poses with company's new INSTITS electric-drive motor system, which he discusses in Part 2 of our interview.

EARTH'S SURPRISING HYDROGEN RESERVES : PART 2 Massive solar flares captured in this stunning view of our Sun, which is a massive nuclear furnace powered by hydrogen fusion.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Side view illustration of Pal¹s patent-pending wheel-car concept in which the driver and passenger ride inside the axle.


05May2002 - 2nd Annual FUEL CELL EXPO to be Held on Capitol Hi  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050502-01]

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01May2002 - Power Plant Emissions Could Be Cut Affordably   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news010502-01]

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30Apr2002 - Florence, Italy To Host 5th Annual ZEV Fair  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news300402-06]

30Apr2002 - Analyst Sees Oil Industry Set To Rebound  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news300402-07]

                          SPONSOR MESSAGE
Here's your chance to win a Minolta Dimage 5 digital camera OR $1,000 CASH DOWN PAYMENT on America's newest gasoline-electric hybrid. If you're a US or Canadian resident, 18 years-of-age or older and a licensed driver, be sure to enter today. Contest ends May 1, 2002.<br> http://evworld.com/evcommunity/testdrives/index.cfm

<b>California Set To Regulate Automotive CO2</b><br>
Always the pacesetter - - though some naysayers will consider this a charitable remark, at best - - California's Senate passed AB1058 last week by a margin of 22 to 13.  If signed into law by Governor Davis, the bill will limit the amount of CO2 that can be expelled from automobile exhausts starting in 2009.
Like the ZEV mandate before it, the auto industry and its allies are expected to lobby long and hard against a move they see as a back door attempt to phase out the sale of SUVs in the state.  They have created a special 800 toll-free number for opponents to call and let the Governor and legislature know how they feel. 
Of course, there is nothing to prevent California supporters of the measure from using the same number, if you catch my drift: (800) 988-2588.
<b>Save GM and Win A Honda Civic Hybrid</b><br>
I know this sounds a bit odd, but the folks at Moveon.Org are seeking signatures for their online petition to get GM to stop what Moveon.org considers the company's opposition to improving fuel efficiency standards.  Those signing the pledge promise to NOT buy another GM vehicle until the company:
- Offers a fuel-efficient line of vehicles;<br>
- Supports meaningful increases in fuel efficiency standards;<br>
- Supports efforts to reduce carbon pollution and global warming.
Those signing the pledge are automatically entered into a contest where the grand prize is a brand new Civic Hybrid.  Here's their URL in case you're interested:  http://www.moveon.org/saveGM/
<b>GM Moves Forward on Fuel Cell Front</b><br>
The world's largest corporation probably won't be too inconvenienced by MoveOn's efforts. They figure they're on a roll right now with their dramatically improved styling. Of course the Consumer Report jury is still out on the always niggling questions of reliability,  fit and finish.   But the company did gain some solid ground in the fuel cell arena this week by rolling out the next iteration of their S10 fuel cell pickup with a working gasoline reformer and announcing their plan to build an 80,000 sq. ft. fuel cell R&D center at their Honeoye Falls, NY facility. 
MoveOn will be pleased to hear that GM thinks that they can bring the S10's fuel efficiency up to 40 mpg and cut its CO2 emissions in half even while using gasoline as their hydrogen feedstock.  Unfortunately, they also say this technology is 10-20 years away from widespread introduction. 
<b>Japanese Serious About Automotive Battery Development</b><br>
Menahem Anderman, whom we interviewed not long ago on EV World, just returned from a fact-finding trip to Japan and found that the people in the Land of the Rising Sun have not only taken control of virtually the entire hybrid-electric vehicle market, but that they now also control 90% of the world's rechargeable battery marketplace, which would seem to go pretty much hand-in-hand.  Not only do the Japanese dominate the advanced NiMH and Lithium-ion battery markets but they are now also taking serious aim at the lead-acid battery industry, according to Dr. Anderman.
<b>National Clean Cities Conference Coverage</b><br>
Next week, I'll be down in Oklahoma City for the Clean Cities conference.  I haven't attended one for a couple of years, the last one being in Louisville, Kentucky, so I am looking forward to it. While the focus of these events tends to be on a broader range of alternative fuels that we cover on EV World, there is usually always some electric-drive vehicle technology presented and discussed. 
I plan to write up a brief report on the first day's activities in time for next week's Update, so watch for it.

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Bill Moore


EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.20 - 14. Mai 2002

THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH HIM Todd Fisher with his mother Debbie Reynolds and sister Carrie at ground breaking of new Hollywood Motion Picture Collection museum, for which he is the executive director.

POWERDRIVE: EXPLORES TOMORROW'S TECHNOLOGY The 2002 PowerDrive key chain medallion reads,'Today's Youth Exploring Tomorrow's Technology.'  It expresses the purpose behind a program that has steadily grown since its inception 4 years ago.

UQM IS STILL UNIQUE - PART 2 UQM's INTETS motor is the pinnacle of the firm's development effort packaging the equivalent of 150 HP engine, tranmission and differential into a cylinder 15 inches long and ll inches in diameter.


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07May2002 - Biofuel May Clean Up as World Farm Prices Flounder  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070502-01]

07May2002 - German SolarWorld expects 25 pct growth in 2002   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070502-02]

07May2002 - GM Averts Struggle Over Emissions   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070502-03]

07May2002 - Possible Solution Found For Liquid Nuclear Waste  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070502-04]

07May2002 - Maxwell Technologies Sees Significant Growth Oppor  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070502-05]

<b>Clean Cities Preview</b><br>
I am writing this from my hotel room overlooking downtown Oklahoma City where I am attending the 2002 Clean Cities Conference.  The theme for this year's conference is "Kick It Up A Notch" and from the quality of the content today, the folks who organized this year's "roundup" in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma did just that. 
Clearly, the events of September 11th and what has followed has sharpened the focus on the role of alternative fuels in a national energy strategy and this is where the US Department of Energy's Clean Cities program could just become America's emergence lifeboat.
The purpose of Clean Cities is to provide support for the introduction of alternative fuel vehicles in some 70 communities and regions that have joined the program since its inception in the mid-1990s.  By DOE reckoning, there are now some 115,000 AFVs on the roads of America, many due to the efforts of the Clean Cities grassroots program. 
Which brings me to this year's conference.
How this for an opening day?  In addition to brief remarks by Governor Frank Keatings, James Woolsey, the former head of the CIA and now a partner with Shea & Gardner,  talked about the war on terrorism and what America's transportation fuel options are.
Then there was Segway inventor and visionary Dean Kamen who talked about technological innovation - while riding around on stage atop a Segway people mover. I spoke briefly to Dean and hope to interview him in the future.
Bill Nye the science guy brought along his sense of fun and wonder.
In addition, there were two top-notch panel discussions, one focusing on the pathway to hydrogen and the other on the impact of our petroleum dependency on our national security, economy and well being.  
Two speakers stood out in my view.  One of course was James Woolsey's sobering assessment of the war on terrorism. We'll webcast his comments in full when I return home. But here are just a couple of his remarks.
There are some 4 million oil wells that have been drilled around the world. 3 million of them are in the US, so if we think drilling more holes will solve our energy problems, we're kidding ourselves.  Opening up ANWR to drilling would have raise America's percentage of known world petroleum reserves from 3% to 3.3%. Saudi Arabia is and will remain the dominant oil producer, effectively setting world prices at whatever they want them to be. America annually runs a trade deficit of $400 billion, $100 billion of which is for imported oil.
He sees biomass fuels as the most promising alternative to meeting America's transportation fuel needs.
The other memorable speaker - actually a panelist -- was Joanna Underwood, whom we interviewed several years ago on EVWORLD.  Joanna is the president of INFORM, an environmental research group based in New York. Her remarks about the need to push aggressively forward on hydrogen fuels and the need for America to re-examine the politics of petroleum and the ill-will it has engendered abroad stirred very strong and appreciative response from an audience, which by my crude estimate numbered somewhere around 700-900 or more.
We plan to hear more from Joanna in the future in EVWORLD, as well as from James Woolsey.
As for the vehicles of the Clean Cities conference, the primary focus is on natural gas and propane. Honda has their Insight and new Civic Hybrid on display, and Toyota the RAV4 EV and Prius.   DaimlerChrysler has a couple GEM NEVs on the showroom floor. 
One of the "celebrity" attractions of the conference is <EM>Propane One</EM>, President Bush's propane-fueled Ford F350 pickup truck. Ken Englebrecht, his ranch manager drove it up some 350 miles from Crawford, Texas for the conference. Ken's a grizzled, ball cap-wearing, no-nonsense Texan.  When I teased him about where the presidential seal was, he replied that he didn't want a "bullseye" painted on his truck.
So ended Day One.  I was concerned whether the trip would be worth the time and expense to attend, given the emphasis on natural gas and propane.  If the next day and a half are only half as interesting and educational, it will have been worth the 8-hour drive.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD

Bill Moore
EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.18 - April 30, 2002

EARTH'S SURPRISING HYDROGEN RESERVES Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up most of this light-years-across nebula in Orion, but on earth it's expensive to make and nearly impossible to store . . . until now.

SUVS AS TAX HAVENS? Luxury SUVs like this 2002 Cadillac Escalade are big, heavy and some of the least efficient vehicles on the road. So why do we give them such huge tax breaks?

HERE COMES HYPERDRIVE - PART 2 Paice Corporation's test mule for verifying its technology, which despite its use of extraordinarily high voltages is considered by UL as safe.

I SPY: AN EBIKE THRILLER What's considerably cheaper than a Humvee and nearly as versatile? A Paratrooper electric bicycle.

<b>Introducing the Toyota RAV4 EV (Electric Vehicle)</b><br>Available only in California, the RAV4 EV offers SUV utility in a zero emission package. Add in benefits like driving solo in California's carpool lanes and you'll soon realize what the buzz is all about. http://ad.doubleclick.net/jump/N2724.evworld/B948994.5;sz=125x125;ord=[timestamp]?

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25Apr2002 - New Tanker Design to Help Norway Meet CO2 Targets  [

25Apr2002 - Senate Vote to Overhaul US Energy Policy  [

25Apr2002 - Saudi Crown Prince Warns of Possible Break in Rela  [

25Apr2002 - So Far, 2002 Warmest In Last 1000 Years  [

24Apr2002 - OpEd: Black Gold, Silver Lining?  [

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24Apr2002 - Climate Change and Transportation Conference Sched  [

24Apr2002 - Iacocca See Bay Area Pioneering EVs  [

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23Apr2002 - Fuel Savings Plan May Be in Final Senate Energy Bi  [

23Apr2002 - Groups Look to Future After Vote Against Oil Drill  [

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23Apr2002 - NASA'S Jet Propulsion Lab Develops New Portable Fu  [

23Apr2002 - Penn State Develops Multifunctional Battery Monito  [

23Apr2002 -  Researchers Develop Reverse-selective Nanocomposi  [

23Apr2002 - Government's Pro-fossil Fuel Stance Disappoints BM  [

23Apr2002 - Flywheel Reaches 100,000 Cycles Milestone  [

23Apr2002 - US, EU at Odds on Global Warming Despite Meeting  [

23Apr2002 - Business Groups Lobby to Save SUVs in California  [

23Apr2002 - Senate Approves Amendment to Triple Ethanol Produc  [

22Apr2002 - Toyota Hybrid Sales Top 100,000  [

<strong>Our Nuclear Genie Dilemma</strong><br>
Nuclear power plants produce vast amounts of reliable electricity in a relatively small geographical footprint.  They also produce no CO2, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. 
At the same time, their radioactive cores pose a continual threat to mankind that will endure 10,000 years.  And herein lies the dilemma for mankind. While the genie of nuclear power offers us the promise of abundant power, it also bequeaths us and our progeny for the next one hundred centuries a lethal inheritance.
Nuclear power proponents seem perplexed by environmentalists' fear of the atomic genie.  They contend they understand how to control this monster and that there is nothing to fear from it.  They say that if you want to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, then nuclear power is the only viable option because with the exception of geothermal and hydroelectric power, every other renewable form of energy is unpredictable and therefore, unreliable.
So, it was on the 16th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl in the Ukraine that the American Institute of Physics announced that future nuclear power plants would be simpler, more efficient and safer. The new Generation IV reactors - not due for another 25-30 years -- would operate at even higher temperatures, producing power more efficiently, with some of the excess steam heat being used for district heating, desalinization and hydrogen gas production for fuel cell EVs.
Of course, we are still left with the dilemma of radioactive waste, some 77,000 tons of which already sit in American cooling pools alongside the nation's aging nuclear power plants.  The citizens of Nevada don't want it and neither do the communities in which it currently resides. So, how do we deal with this dilemma?  We want the power to be there when we need it and want it, but we don't want to be burdened by the waste, nor should we callously pass it on to future generations.
Meanwhile, the government of Ukraine issued an official statement this week stating, "The Chernobyl disaster should never be wiped out from human memory."  According to the official press release, thousands of square miles are still seriously contaminated with meat, water and milk "showing dangerously high levels of radiation."
 Nor should we forget the disaster at Three Mile Island or the recent near-disaster at the Davis-Besse nuclear plant outside Toledo, Ohio where a football-sized hole in the top of the reactor vessel was within 1/8th of an inch of catastrophe.  We may think we understand the genie of nuclear power, but I'd wager it still has its share of nasty surprises lurking behind its benevolent smile.
<strong>Toyota's 100,000 Hybrid EV Milestone</strong><br>
Last week, Toyota announced that it has sold more than 100,000 hybrid-electric vehicles since the introduction of the Prius in late 1997. To date, the company has sold more than 89,000 Priuses, 11,700 Estima minivans, 2,094 Crown mild-hybrids and 56 Coast hybrid-electric buses.  This represents a 90% share of the HEV marketplace worldwide.
<strong>Last Chance Contest</strong><br>
If you haven't entered EV World's $1000 Down Payment contest, this today and tomorrow mark your last chance. The contest ends May 1st at 5 pm Central Time in the US.  The winner will be given their choice of either a $1000 cashiers check to help pay for a new Honda Civic Hybrid or Insight or a comparably valued Minolta or Olympus digital camera. 
To enter the contest, click the digital camera image in the ad space above.
<strong>Submissions Welcome</strong><br>
This week, we feature two stories by contributing authors A. R. Salvador and 'Jean Ellis' which is the pen name for a real California CPA.  And we'd love to feature other authors, as well.  We are looking for EV product reviews, white papers, interviews, company profiles, event reports and opinion pieces that are relevant to the interests of our readers and the editorial mission of EV World.
If you'd like to contribute to the effort, be sure to check out our submission guidelines using the link on our home page.  Unfortunately, there isn't any money in it, but there is a good bit of recognition and a lot of personal satisfaction.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD

Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.17 - 23.4.2002

HERE COMES HYPERDRIVE Hyperdrive inventor Alex Severinsky (right) and COO Ted Louckes believe they've come up with an affordable and profitable hybrid-electric drive system.

AFTER ANWR VOTE: NOW WHAT? For now this pristine mountain valley in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge will be free of oil exploration.

MOSCOW'S SUPERCAP BUS This 50 passenger electric bus operates in Moscow's city parks, deriving its energy solely from a bank of supercapacitors. Recharge time is a mere 12-15 minutes..

19Apr2002 - Senate Rejects a Move to Open Alaska Refuge to Oil  [

19Apr2002 - UK Approves Largest Offshore Wind Farm  [

19Apr2002 - Editorial: Pillaging Wildlife Refuge Won't Supply   [

19Apr2002 -   [

19Apr2002 - Editorial: Time To Scrap Federal Energy Bill  [

19Apr2002 - Editorial: Don't Drill in ANWR  [

19Apr2002 - Smoke Screens Can't Hide Flaws in Drilling Proposa  [

19Apr2002 - CSU Researchers Develop Technology to Manufacture   [

19Apr2002 - Proposal Sees Environmentalism as Ally of Free Tra  [

19Apr2002 - Ice Age Global Warming Mystery Solved   [

19Apr2002 - Nation's First Fully Integrated Clean Mobility Cen  [

18Apr2002 - Two Sides Push on Arctic Oil, but Proposal Lacks V  [

18Apr2002 - Editorial: Drill or Preserve?  [

18Apr2002 - Editorial: Voting No On ANWR  [

18Apr2002 - Editorial: America Cannot Kick The Oil Habit  [

18Apr2002 - India's Maini Group Launches REVA Electric Car  [

18Apr2002 - Former CIA Head Opposes ANWR Drilling  [

18Apr2002 - Toyota & EBay Offer Celebrity Prius For Earth Day   [

18Apr2002 - US Senate Rejects ANWR Drilling Amendment  [

18Apr2002 - Boston Transit Buses Shift To Cleaner Fuels  [

18Apr2002 - Michigan Governor Announces Fuel Cell Initiative  [

17Apr2002 - <b>Huge Hydrogen Stores Found Below Earth's Crust<  [

17Apr2002 - OpEd: Drill in the Artic  [

17Apr2002 - Editorial:Don't Drill in the Arctic  [

17Apr2002 - Ovshinsky Betting on Solar Power  [

17Apr2002 - Georgia Tech Develops Improved Smog Forecasting Te  [

17Apr2002 - Global Warming Impacting Life on Earth  [

16Apr2002 - G-8 Environment Ministers Split Over Global Warmin  [

16Apr2002 - NRDC Head Urges Citizens Call Senators on ANWR Vot  [

16Apr2002 - Majority of Nuclear Plants Seek Delay in Upgrading  [

16Apr2002 - Ovshinsky, Stempel Are Unlikely Pair of Dreamers i  [

16Apr2002 - Editorial: Philly Students Show Up US Senate  [

16Apr2002 - The Hole In the Reactor  [

16Apr2002 - Physicist Proposes Getting  Power From The Moon  [

16Apr2002 - Shopping For An Eco-Friendly Car Isn't Easy  [

16Apr2002 - NEVs Now Available For Beach Rental in California  [

16Apr2002 - Millennium Cell Ships Hydrogen Units to Peugeot Ci  [

16Apr2002 - Editorial:Barely Breathing Energy Bill  [

16Apr2002 - Editorial: Ethanol's Ambitions    [

16Apr2002 - New Study Shows Homeowner Savings By Reducing CO2  [

16Apr2002 - LEDs - The Coming Lighting Revolution  [

<b>In the Aftermath of the ANWR Vote</b><br>
Environmentalists can breath a sigh of relief.  A tiny piece of Eden is safe a little longer from man's relentless search for energy.  A Senate vote of 56 to 44 defeated an amendment that would not only open up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling, but would have used public royalties to fund private pension funds for steelworkers and guaranteed the flow of oil to Israel.
Gratefully, enough US Senators saw the illogic of this amendment to stop it in its snowshoed tracks. But now we are left with the equally untenable position of a growing dependence on imported oil and a energy-hungry fleet of vehicles that feeds it.
The San Francisco Chronicle offered an interesting assessment of the ANWR amendment that I think bears consideration. The editorial staff of the Chronicle points out that in a supply and demand economy, America's paltry 3% production can do little to influence the price of oil on the world market. ANWR's million barrels a day at peak production by 2020 would represent only a tiny fraction of OPEC oil output at that time. America's real leverage comes from it's HUGE demand for oil in which we consume 25% of the world's total daily production. If we seriously want to influence stable oil prices, then we can only do it by moderating our demand for the stuff.  Buy less and the price has to come down.
Makes sense to me.  Why doesn't the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House see it?  Beats me.
<b>Cold Fusion Is For Real</b><br>
In 1989, two Utah researchers announced they had discovered a heretofore unknown chemical reaction that produced unexplained levels of excess heat.  For want of a better name, they dubbed the process "cold fusion."  Faster than you can say palladium, the press heralded the discovery and almost as quickly denigrated it when other researchers reported they couldn't duplicate the process. By the Fall of that year, the scientific community had dismissed both the idea and its discoverers. Pons and Fleishman left the country in disgrace.
Well folks, it turns out they were right after all.  In a little publicized initiative lasting over a decade, scientists from several U.S. Navy research labs have validated the existence of the Pons-Fleishman effect.  "Cold Fusion" does, in fact, work.  I've seen the official report and plan to revisit this subject in the near future with Dr. Eugene Mallove, one of the leading investigators of this phenomenon.
<b>Earth's Hydrogen Machine</b><br>
If validation of the Pons-Fleishman effect isn't exciting enough, it turns out that NASA's quiet quest for proof of life beyond Earth's fragile biosphere may just have solved our energy problems.  It turns out that the Earth appears to be creating its own hydrogen from sea water and storing it in vast reservoirs in the Earth's crust some 12.5 miles down. 
I've contacted NASA's lead scientist on this discovery and arranged to interview him for EV World next week. 
<b>Volkswagen's 1 Liter Diesel Wundercar!</b><br>
In case you missed the news, VW unveiled its two-passenger, diesel-powered "Wundercar."  Looking a bit like a Frankfurter on wheels, the car sips a mere 0.89 liters of fuel for every 100km.  In American terms, that's roughly equivalent to 264 mpg! 
While most environmentalists dislike the notion of diesel engines, there is something to be said for its efficiency, though it also poses some equally daunting environmental issues.
<b>Tell Yahoo You Want Your EV World</b><br>
If you like the content on EV World and what we're trying to do, I'd like to ask your help in spreading the word. Yahoo has a page devoted to the latest news about alternative energy. The URL is below.  It features links to a number of web sites that cover this important topic, but EV World isn't one of them.  I've asked them to add it, but they've not responded.
So, if you could send an email to 
full_coverage@yahoo-inc.com  asking them to include EVWorld.Com among their links on the Alternative Energy page, it will help us reach an even larger audience with the benefits of clean, efficient EV technology vehicles. 
Thanks in advance!

Stay plugged into EV WORLD

Bill Moore

EV - WORLD UPDATE - Version 2.16 - April 16, 2002

FUEL CELL FORD FOCUS: PART 2 Unless something dramatic happens, fuel cells and the hydrogen economy might just not happen, cautions Ford's John Wallace.

ADVANCED BATTERIES FIND NEW ROLES Automakers like Ford have learned that fuel cell vehicles need
advanced batteries. Pictured is Ford Europe's battery electric e-Ka powered by lithium batteries.

FINLAND'S INTELLIGENT WIRING SYSTEM Finland's IWS International equipped the world's first ambulance with IWS' innovative smart wiring system.

A LAMBORGHINI EV? The Tonino Lamborghini  NEV impressed the editors of Golf Car Advisor with its comfort and performance. Pictured here is 'S' model with bench seat.


14Apr2002 - The Steep Cost of Cleaner, Cheaper Coal  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news150402-09]

14Apr2002 - U of Michigan Researcher Concludes Warming Truly G  [

12Apr2002 - Chinese Car Makers Post Mixed Results As WTO Membe  [

12Apr2002 - U.S. Could Tap Vast Geothermal Energy Sources   [

12Apr2002 - Tropical Forests Release Carbon Dioxide   [

12Apr2002 - Editorial: Leave Arctic Refuge Alone  [

12Apr2002 - OpEd: Drill ANWR, For the Children  [

12Apr2002 - Environmentalists Had 48 Hours to Comment to Energ  [

12Apr2002 - OpEd: Dennis Weaver on ANWR's Oil  [

12Apr2002 - Alternative Fuel Rules in School   [

11Apr2002 - Researchers Look to Mop Carbon Dioxide from Air   [

11Apr2002 - Fuel Cell Vehicles to Hit Streets  [

11Apr2002 - Why Hybrid Cars Are Here To Stay  [

11Apr2002 - Editorial: No Arctic Drilling  [

11Apr2002 - Editorial: Energy Bill Should Retain Arctic Protec  [

11Apr2002 - Czech Environmental Groups Seek to Prevent Ford Pl  [

11Apr2002 - Bush Energy Task Force Consulted Environmentalists  [

11Apr2002 - Ballard Announces New Carbon Fiber Paper for Fuel   [

11Apr2002 - Renewables the Core of "Intelligent Energy for Eur  [

11Apr2002 - Editorial: Will Saddam's Oily Scheme Help Save Bus  [

11Apr2002 - Sanyo and Honda To Develop Hybrid Car Batteries   [

10Apr2002 - Efficient Cars Not A Pipe Dream  [

10Apr2002 - Greens vs. Clean Energy  [

10Apr2002 - Daimler Offers Upbeat Chrysler News  [

10Apr2002 - Portland Puts First Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus In  [

10Apr2002 - The Missing Energy Strategy  [

09Apr2002 - Breakthrough Enova Technology Featured in New Ford  [

09Apr2002 - The Future of Fuel-Efficient Cars   [

09Apr2002 - Nevada Governor Vetoes Yucca Mountain   [

09Apr2002 - Cleaner Fuels Created by Desulfurization   [

09Apr2002 - US and Japan Agree to Cooperate on Global Warming  [

09Apr2002 - The Third Oil Crisis?  [

09Apr2002 - Alaska Drilling Plan Seen Helped by Iraq Embargo  [

09Apr2002 - California's Green Power Black Out   [

09Apr2002 - Money Touted As Wind Farm Crop  [

<B>ANWR Politics - How Low Can You Go?</B> <br>
In case you haven't heard, the latest proposal before the Senate is a measure that would take royalties from the sale of oil pumped out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and use it to fund the medical payments of retired steelworkers.
Steelworkers?  That's right, retired steelworkers. 
Now, I've got nothing but admiration for America's steelworkers past and present, but I wonder whether these hardworking, independent-minded folks really like being used as pawns in a corporate play, one that will cost their grandchildren dearly, even if it benefits a small number of them for a few years.
The backers of drilling ANWR clearly figured the subtle approach wasn't going to fly. That approach had the money being used to fund conservation efforts. The brainchild of Alaska senators Frank H. Murkowski and Ted Stevens, now the idea is to win over just enough  Democrats in key steel-producing states to tip the vote in their favor. "West Wing" should be so dramatic! 
If I am not mistaken, didn't we just give the US steel industry a nice fat protectionist tariff - - and I thought the White House favored free trade - -  and now we want to pay for retired steelworker healthcare costs. Wasn't that what their union was supposed to do? 
Excuse me for being just a bit cynical, but why not use the money - - assuming the Senate again caves in to fossil fuel lobby - - to improve our schools and raise the pay of teachers, or improve the lot of migrant farm workers or hire more border guards or raise the minimum wage or save family farms or provide health care premium subsidies to the unemployed.  Or, here's a thought, how about we fund conversation measures and provide tax credits to folks who buy hybrid-electric cars. 
All of these are equally justifiable places to spend the money. So, again I ask, why steelworkers?
<B>Don't Just Sit There! Do Something</B><br>
Nike's famous tagline is "just do it!"  Well, dear reader, "just do it!" Click the link above to the Environmental Defense web site and help spread the word about the silly political games being played with our energy future. We need to raise a stink and tell the Senate - - and the House of Representatives - - to vote NO on drilling in ANWR.
Why?  For all the obvious reasons, of course. But perhaps more importantly, because if we permit oil development of this area, there will be even less incentive to push for more efficient vehicle technology.  If America thinks we can buy another ten years of oil production, why build better, cleaner, more fuel efficient cars and trucks?  A little scarcity can be a good thing. It helps us "push the envelope." Remaining, fat, dumb and happy leaves us a siting duck for future political extortion.
<B>Barometer of a National Trend?</B><br>
I've been following the growing chorus of editorials coming out in more and more of America's leading newspapers - - many of which we have archived on EVWorld - - calling for tougher fuel efficiency standards and urging more people consider buying hybrid-electric vehicles. 
If the visitor traffic on EV World is any kind of a barometer of public interest in electric-drive technology, then consumer interest in more fuel efficient vehicles is starting to build.
This week we broke yet another record.  In the last seven day period, 40,000 people visited EV World and downloaded over 150,000 pages of information.  This is a better than 60% increase over our normal weekly volume. In addition, EV World Update circulation has now exceeded 11,000 subscribers, with just a 3% bounce rate (emails that don't reach their final destination for various reasons). We are seeing something like 160 new subscribers every week, with only a tiny fall-off in cancellations.
We hope it is the caliber of the content and the timeliness of the issues we raise that accounts for this growth.  And without question, events in the Middle East and Venezuela are causing people to begin to take notice of the consequences of our addiction to petroleum.
Let's hope that this renewed interest is not just another passing fancy. We're facing serious problems. We need long range solutions matched with visionary leadership.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD, Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.15 - April 9, 2002

FOCUS FCV: NEXT STEP PRODUCTION Latest Ford fuel cell technology includes a new hybrid-configuration. Ford's most popular selling car, the Focus, serves as the current test bed.


 HONDA'S CIVIC HYBRID: PART 2 Honda mated a 1.3 liter, 4 cylinder V-Tec engine to its IMA drive, which produces greater electric-assist from a lighter, more compact controller and battery back.

TOWARDS A FUEL CELL ECONOMY BMW thinks we can use hydrogen without waiting for affordable fuel cells. They are powering this revamped Mini Cooper with liquid hydrogen.


05Apr2002 - US Light Truck Fuel Efficient Standards Remain Unc  [

05Apr2002 - Fuel Cell Vehicles Decades Away, Says Honda Engine  [

05Apr2002 - NY Times Editorial: Hitchhiking the Bush Energy Pl  [

04Apr2002 - Scientist: Ice Shelves Face Breakup  [

04Apr2002 - Global Warming - so what?  [

04Apr2002 - Paice Powertrain Aims to Revolutionize Field  [

04Apr2002 - White House Did Seek Environmenal Groups' Input on  [

04Apr2002 - Energy Industry Input: Cozy At the Top  [

04Apr2002 - Energy Task Force Belatedly Consulted Environmenta  [

04Apr2002 - Fueling the Critics  [

04Apr2002 - Editorial: Bush Met with His Pals, So?  [

04Apr2002 - Japan Vehicle Sales Slide  [

04Apr2002 - Sulzer Fuel Cell Sales Running Ahead of Schedule  [

04Apr2002 - Links Between Air Pollution, Human Health Clarifie  [

04Apr2002 - China Invests in Electric Cars to Combat Pollution  [

04Apr2002 - Consumers Starting To Consider Clean Diesel Engine  [

03Apr2002 - Nuclear Irresponsibility  [

03Apr2002 - Green Power Growing By Leaps and Bounds  [

03Apr2002 -  Global Warming Creates Grim Future for Forests   [

03Apr2002 - Germany Utility Critical of Nation's Nuclear Withd  [

03Apr2002 - Ford Leads Big Three in March Sales Drop  [

03Apr2002 - Scientists Develop Dense Foam to Replace Solid Pla  [

03Apr2002 - Senator Durbin on Energy Efficiency and Renewable  [

03Apr2002 - Deciphering Contradictory Antarctic Climate Patter  [

02Apr2002 - Iraq Calls on Arab World to Use Oil as Weapon  [

02Apr2002 - Do-Or-Die Goals for Wind Energy Consortium  [

02Apr2002 - Ford Hit By Yet Another Quality Control Problem  [

02Apr2002 - Toyota Eyes 15% Global Market Share By 2010  [

02Apr2002 - Ford To Set Global Styling Cues  [

02Apr2002 -  'Green' Building Practices Don't Have to Hike Cos  [

02Apr2002 - EVAA & EPRI Host E-Bus Workshop in Memphis  [

02Apr2002 - Sponsors Take Active Role in National "Green Car"   [

02Apr2002 - Toyota Sets Strategic Vision For 2010  [

02Apr2002 - Quantum and Hyundai to Jointly Develop Alt Fuel Ve  [

01Apr2002 - Repower Systems Goes Public on Germany's Neuer Mar  [

01Apr2002 - Acura Unveils Hybrid Concept Sports Sedan  [

01Apr2002 - Eskimo Health Risks Linked to Ban on ANWR Drilling  [

<b>Environmentalists' Midnight Call</b><br>
It seems that my statement last week that the Bush Administration failed to include various environmental groups in its deliberations over a national energy plan for the United States wasn't accurate, a fact a somewhat irate reader challenged me on.
It was the first time I'd ever been compared to Rush Limbaugh.
Well, I am not above eating my share of "humble pie." Though in this case, it's probably lemon meringue.  As it turns out -- and as was reported in a number of US papers just last week -- the Bush Administration had, in fact, called a couple environmental groups, including the National Resource Defense Council and Green Peace, and gave them something like 24 hours to come up with any suggestions or "web links" they might like to contribute to the energy plan.
They were, needless to say, nonplused. Green Peace is alleged to have refused to participate under these conditions, especially since the Cheney Task Force has been meeting with energy company executives and taking their emails for weeks prior to the eleventh hour calls.
To be fair, the final national energy plan that was handed to Congress does have some environmental, renewable and energy efficiency provisions in it, apparently hastily inserted in a final draft.  But the real question is, will there be any funding for them should Congress ever approve an energy plan or a similar, compromise measure?
I made the effort to find as many newspaper accounts of the fiasco as possible and you'll find links to the stories above. As one paper put it, the Administration has every right to talk to its friends and ignore its critics.
But is that fair to the American people? 
<b>Beijing and EVs</b><br>
Meanwhile in China, the central government in Beijing doesn't seem to have any qualms about the role electric vehicles can plan in helping reduce the pollution
that plagues the nation's capital.  This week, they announced they would be spending
the equivalent of $108 million dollars to develop electric vehicles for the city.
The Chinese are under pressure to clean up their capital by 2008 in time to host
the Summer Olympics.  In addition to helping their local carmakers develop EVs, the
are also closing down and relocating many of the factories that have grown up around the city
that contribute to the terrible air pollution there.
Having visited Beijing in 1999 and experienced both the air pollution and its terrible traffic jams,
especially along its congested ring road system, it is apparent to me that the people of
Beijing have their work cut out for them.  It will be very interesting to see what they come up with in
the way of electric vehicles, especially given the relatively modest amount of money they are
prepared to spend.  It wouldn't surprise me to see companies like Ford and DaimlerChrysler and maybe even
the now-defunct Dynasty Motor Cars open up a dialog with the city of Beijing about introducing NEVs into
the mix.  Traffic on most of Beijing's city streets doesn't go more than 25 miles an hour, anyway. They
might make a good fit in a city of 12 million people and 6 million bicycles.
<b>PowerDrive, Palestinians and Procrastination</b><br>
The first OPPD PowerDrive for 2002 took place today just a few miles from my home, but I wasn't
able to get in, even though I helped bring this annual EV competition into existence.  Blame it on my procrastination and the "war on terrorism."
Based on the popular Electrathon competitions held in a number of other states, some 49 high schools
across Nebraska now design, build and race their small, battery electric vehicles every spring. This
is the first year one of the "heats" was held on Offutt Air Force Base.  Formerly the home of
the Strategic Air Command and now headquarters for StratCom, the base has a huge hanger that is
ideal for EV racing out of the unpredictable weather of a Nebraska spring. 
The problem is somebody forgot to put my name on the list of guests for the competition, or at least
the young and heavily armed APs at the base gate couldn't find it. So, I was asked to pull over while
they searched for my name, to no avail. Those whose names were on the list, had their cars searched before
being cleared to enter the base. At the suggestion of the AP, I tried calling one of the organizers, but he never
answered his cell phone.  So, somewhat chagrined, I turned my Honda Insight around and drove back home.
I wasn't going to argue with an M16.
On the drive back, my wife remarked that now she understood, to a tiny degree, the embarrassment and humiliation
suffered by Palestinians who must daily clear numerous similar checkpoints and roadblocks in Israel. I simply missed
one of several EV competitions. They can be prevented from reaching needed medical treatment. 
One can hardly blame nervous Israelis for being extra cautious and I am glad the young Air Force police
were doing their jobs. Still, it's so sad that even in the quiet heartland of America, we can't be entirely
free from the tentacles of terror and the distrust is breeds.
Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.14 - April 2. 2002

2003 CIVIC HYBRID: A NEW LEVEL OF REFINEMENT Robert Bienenfeld introduces the new Civic Hybrid at the 2001 EVAA conference. The newest hybrid achieves an EPA highway mileage of 51mpg with a manual transmission.

SANTA BARBARA'S NEW ZEBRA-POWERED BUS Santa Barbara, California has operated electric shuttle buses for 11 years. Now it is developing a new electric bus power train based on the ZEBRA battery. City's Spanish mission-style courthouse pictured above.

COLUMBIA PAR CAR  DIALOG - PART 2 Columbia Par Car executives -- makers of the Scout pictured right -- discuss the golf car and emerging NEV industry.


31Mar2002 - Government Study: Alaska Drilling Harmful  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news310302-01]

31Mar2002 - Study Calls For World Environment Agency   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news310302-02]

31Mar2002 - Oil Drilling May Harm Arctic Refuge, Say Governmen  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news310302-03]

30Mar2002 - World Demand For Energy To Rise 60% By 2020  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news300302-01]

30Mar2002 - Smog and Soot Rules Clear Final Legal Hurdle  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news300302-02]

30Mar2002 - Effects of Climate Warming Already in Evidence   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news300302-03]

29Mar2002 - Antarctica Key to Sudden Sea Level Rise in the Pas  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-01]

29Mar2002 - Overweight People Less Likely To Survive Car Crash  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-02]

29Mar2002 - Researchers Develop Cheap Solar Cells  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-03]

29Mar2002 - Appalachian Coal "Sufficient" For US Energy News,   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-04]

29Mar2002 - An Oil Company Proves Bush Wrong On Climate Change  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-05]

29Mar2002 - FERC Ruling Seen As Victory for Wind Power  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-06]

29Mar2002 - UD Davis' Sperling Offers Advice to Congress on Fr  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-07]

29Mar2002 - NASA To Test Podkletnov Anti-Gravity Device  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-08]

29Mar2002 - Talking Green vs. Making Green  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-09]

29Mar2002 - Energy security: It Takes more than drilling  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-10]

29Mar2002 - White House Tapped Solar Energy Funds to Print Ene  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-11]

29Mar2002 - Small Car Models Rank among Safest Vehicles  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news290302-12]

28Mar2002 - A Wild Vision For Fuel-Cell Vehicles  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news280302-01]

28Mar2002 - Policy Brief Gives Bush Administration Route Out o  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news280302-02]

28Mar2002 - Ztek Reformer Successfully Extracts Hydrogen from   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news280302-03]

27Mar2002 - UK to Offer &pound;20m In Solar Power Grants  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-01]

27Mar2002 - Illinois Initiates Green Power Standard  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-02]

27Mar2002 - European Motorcycle Emissions Cut by 70 Percent  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-03]

27Mar2002 - EPA Documents Reveal Plan To Erode Air Quality Sta  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-04]

27Mar2002 - EPA Gets OK for Air Quality Rules   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-05]

27Mar2002 - Energy Plan Drafters Got Industry Advice  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-06]

27Mar2002 - Congressional Energy Crisis  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-07]

27Mar2002 - Talk of Change After 9/11 A Bunch of Gas  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-08]

27Mar2002 - Life and Breath Decisions  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-09]

27Mar2002 - Zell Miller's New Pickup Line Charms Big Oil  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-10]

27Mar2002 - A Bias Towards Waste  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-11]

27Mar2002 - Honda Civic Hybrid Earns 51 MPG EPA Highway Rating  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-12]

27Mar2002 - Dangerous Corrosion Found in Ohio Nuke Plant  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-13]

27Mar2002 - Th!nk City First To Market With Volume EV  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news270302-14]

26Mar2002 - Energy Department Documents To Fuel Controversy  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-01]

26Mar2002 - Stuart Energy Stock Jumps On Announcement  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-02]

26Mar2002 - Missing NOx Pollutant Identified  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-04]

26Mar2002 - Biodiesel Bill Becomes Law in Minnesota  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-05]

26Mar2002 - Montreal Buses To Run on Biodiesel  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-06]

26Mar2002 - Fueling a Green Energy Quest  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-07]

26Mar2002 - Subsidizing Kentucky Coal  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-08]

26Mar2002 - Alternative Autos  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news260302-09]

25Mar2002 - Autobytel Survey Finds Online Car Shoppers Overwhe  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news250302-01]

25Mar2002 - Stuart Energy and Ford Team on Hydrogen Power Syst  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news250302-02] ====================================================================

<strong>Cheap Solar Cell Breakthrough</strong><br>
Imagine wearing a winter coat as thin as a windbreaker that keeps you warm electrically with power supplied by photovoltaic fibers woven into its very fabric.  That is the possibility now offered by a recent breakthrough led by a team of researchers at the University of California at Berkeley.
While the efficiency of the nanorod-based cells is far below that of current silicon ingot-based photovoltaics cells, researchers say they see a fairly clear pathway to improve the efficiency of this new, low cost technology which can be incorporated into paper, fabric, sprayed on plastic film or even mixed into paint.
<strong>The Challenge of Being Green at Ford</strong><br>
The New York Times recently ran an article (linked above) that looked at the challenge confronting Ford Motor Company chairman William Clay Ford, Jr.  Faced with $5.5 billion loss in 2001, the company had to lay-off 35,000 employees and close 5 plants.
When Bill Ford, Jr. assumed Ford's mantle of responsibility, the environmental community hoped - - based on his avowed support for many of the issues dear to their hearts - -  that he would steer the company towards a kinder, gentler, greener product line.  
Now Bill Ford finds himself under fire for his public support of the company's gas guzzling sport 'utes, one of Ford's most profitable product lines, and the company's intense lobbying efforts - - including recruiting company employees - - to stop an amendment calling for improvements in auto efficiency. 
For its part, Ford Motor Company has pledged to improve the fuel efficiency of its SUVs by 25% by 2005, introduce the world's first hybrid-electric SUV in 2003 and refurbish its River Rouge plant to be more environmentally friendly.   What the New York Times failed to also mention was Ford's Th!nk division introducing the Th!nk city later this year and the launch in 2004 of its first production line fuel cell vehicle.
The quandary confronting Bill Ford is how to move this monolith created by his great-grandfather towards a more environmentally benign future.  It's a job I wouldn't want.
<strong>What Energy Department Documents Reveal & Don't</strong><br>
It took a Freedom of Information Act request to get the US Energy Department to release some 11,000 documents related to the development of the Bush Administration's National Energy Plan.  Many of the documents are so heavily redacted as to be unintelligible, but those that did slip through are especially revealing.
One of the most dramatic is a document written by the American Petroleum Institute.  A scanned copy of the document, along with a number of others of great interest, can be viewed at http://www.nrdc.org/air/energy/taskforce/tfinx.asp.
What the March 2001 document reveals is that the American Petroleum Institute wrote, virtually verbatim, President Bush's executive order regarding national energy policy.  This isn't the only surprise (though it's hard to call it surprising).  The Natural Resources Defense Council uncovered other documents showing that the fossil fuel and electric power industry contributed heavily to the development of the plan proffered by the Cheney Energy Task Force, incorporating recommendations favorable to the industry, including corporations like Enron and Southern Companies.
While we should expect the Vice President to seek the energy industry's input in the formulation of a comprehensive policy, the administration's blatant shunning of the environmental community and the renewable energy industry in its deliberations bespeaks a bias that should concern every American.
<strong>Guess How Far Our Fruits and Vegetables Travel</strong><br>
The most recent issue of the Leopold Letter, published by the Leopold Center at Iowa State University features a story highlighting how dependent we've become on fruits and vegetables grown thousands of miles away.  Using Chicago as the terminal market, the Center discovered that 29 of the 30 types of fruits and vegetables it investigated came from Mexico.  Grapes traveled the farthest at 2,143 miles, followed by broccoli at 2,095.  Asparagus racked up 1,671 miles and apples 1,555 miles.  The only vegetable grown relatively close to Chicago was pumpkins and these came from 233 miles away. Surprisingly, most sweet corn came from 813 miles away, this in a state renown for its miles and miles of corn fields.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.13 - 26. März 2002

ED BEGLEY'S NEW EV ­ PART 2 A happy lessee, Ed Begley drives off the lot with his new Toyota RAV4 EV, his 9th electric car. He also owns a Prius gasoline-electric hybrid.

IT'S AN ENIGMA - PART 4 The heart of the Enigma L3 is its VW common-rail diesel and AC Propulsion electric-drive. A 4 passenger version is in the works.

A CHAT WITH COLUMBIA PAR CAR - PART 1 Columbia Par Car executives -- makers of the Scout pictured right -- discuss the golf car and emerging NEV industry.

DEFEND THE COUNTRY - BUY A HYBRID Author sees buying gasoline electric hybrids like the new Civic Hybrid from Honda as a form of political expression.

23Mar2002 - Ancient Tree Rings Show Natural Warming Cycle of P  [

23Mar2002 - Kyoto Protocol - One Year After  [

23Mar2002 - Senate Approves Weakened Renewable Energy Plan  [

22Mar2002 - Report Benchmarks Pollution from Top 100 Electric   [

22Mar2002 - Clean Energy Won't Come Cheap  [

22Mar2002 - Senate Backs More Electricity From Renewable Sourc  [

22Mar2002 - Report Rates Top 100 Utilities on Emissions  [

22Mar2002 - Senate Vote Takes Pressure Off Detroit  [

22Mar2002 - Th!nk city  EV Now Available For Retail Lease in L  [

21Mar2002 - Nissan On The Rebound  [

21Mar2002 - Ford To Unveil ZEV Focus  [

21Mar2002 - CSU Students Design Snowmobile That Cuts Emissions  [

21Mar2002 - Allergies Likely to Grow Worse with Global Warming  [

21Mar2002 - Inland Marine Traffic Major Air Pollution Source  [

21Mar2002 - Official Ford Announcement on New Fuel Cell Focus  [

21Mar2002 - USA Sidelined As Emissions Trading Catches On  [

21Mar2002 - Ice Shelf Collapse Reignites Global Warming Fears  [

20Mar2002 - Japanese Gov't To Rely On Nuke Power to Cut CO2  [

20Mar2002 - Antarctic Shelf Rapidly Collapsing  [

20Mar2002 - Cancer In The Air We Breathe  [

20Mar2002 - Cancer Linked to Particulate Air Pollution  [

19Mar2002 - Solar Living Takes Different Mindset  [

19Mar2002 - Buffalo Buses to Run on Biodiesel  [

19Mar2002 - Three Univesities to Study Carbon Sequestration Te  [

19Mar2002 - Colorado Suspends Nuclear Waste Shipments from New  [

18Mar2002 - 51% in Massachusetts Would Buy "Green Power"  [

18Mar2002 - Oil Doesn't Grow on Trees  [

18Mar2002 - ANWR Oil Would Save One Penny on Price of Gasoline  [

18Mar2002 - New Jersey Emission Program Called Boondoggle  [

18Mar2002 - Company Hoping to Sell Fuel Cells  [


<strong>The Value Technology Forcing</strong><br>
Surprisingly, I got very few emails critical of my "Capitol Hill Capitulation" editorial, but as one writer pointed out most conservatives aren't all that interested in alternative energy and electric vehicles, so the fact that only a couple of people took the trouble to complain probably isn't all that surprising.
They just don't bother to read EV World.
Two of their comments are worth examining.  One asked "what's with the politics?"  Good question.  The whole issue of reducing America's oil dependence should be above politics, it would seem, but sadly it isn't.  Electric drive vehicles are very much at the heart of a serious, often rancorous political debate and I firmly believe EV World needs to be in the middle of it, swinging away with our "left" hook and liberal jabs, mixed with the occasional right hand undercut. 
The other comment was that government should not be in the business of forcing technology.  It should be left to the market to decide which technology(s) succeed or fail.  While I agree with this concept in part, I also have to point out that much of the technology we take for granted today was, in point of fact, "forced" by government decree, of sorts.
Fuel cells lingered in obscurity for more than a century until a government agency had need of a small, portable electric generator that could go into space aboard Apollo. Was that technology really ready for the mission?  The near disaster of Apollo 13 would argue it wasn't, but we pushed ahead anyway.
The famous B-29 Superfortress is an excellent example of technology forcing by a Boeing to meet the demands of the Pacific Theater in World War Two for a high altitude  long range, strategic bomber. In its early development, it was dangerous and beset by numerous technical problems. Still Air Force brass persisted and the plane went on to become a legend.
Of course, NASA didn't tell its subcontractors they had to use fuel cells or that Boeing had to design the B-29 in a particular way. Industry responded to these challenges, eventually paving the way for modern fuel cells and long range passenger jets.
<strong>Ford Focus FCV</strong><br>
This week, Ford announced the introduction of its next generation fuel cell-powered Ford Focus.  They report that they have extended the range and performance of the car.  John Wallace also said that the company plans to begin limited production of a fuel cell car in 2004 for use by fleets in California. 
We're trying to arrange an interview with Bruce Kopf on this latest advance in fuel cell vehicle development.
<strong>US Oil Imports Counter</strong><br>
If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, you might have noticed we've added a new Flash-driven counter to our front page which tracks the total number of barrels of oil the United States has imported since 9/11.  We estimate, based on 2001 data from the Energy Information Agency, that we are importing approximately 106 barrels of oil per second from both OPEC and non-OPEC nations!  The counter is one way to visualize in very real terms America's appetite for oil.
<strong>EV World Test Drive Contest</strong><br>
Within the next few days, Honda will officially launch the Civic Hybrid and as part of that effort, EV World is sponsoring a "Test Drive Contest."  You can win your choice of $1,000 cash down payment on a new 2002 Civic Hybrid or a comparably valued digital camera.  Use the link above to enter the contest, which ends May 1, 2002.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.12 - 19. März 2002

ED BEGLEY'S NEW EV Ed Begley, Jr. poses besides the first Toyota RAV4 EV to be sold to a retail customer in California.

CAPITOL HILL CAPITULATION Ben Sargent's political cartoon says it all. <a href="http://evworld.com/images/bensargent_cartoon.gif">Click for full view</a>

IT'S AN ENIGMA - PART 3 Dr. Jim Burns with the L3 Enigma at California Fuel Cell Partnership headquarters in Sacramento.

HARRY BRAUN ON HYDROGEN - PART 2 Braun envisions huge cryogenic tankers like this one plying the oceans full of liquid hydrogen instead of fossil fuels.

CYCLISTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO Steve Goodridge sees efforts to allow NEVs legal access to the nation's streets and roads as counter-productive.

16Mar2002 - Chrysler Chief Says Company Will Work on Fuel Effi  [

16Mar2002 - Why Conservatives Want to Drill ANWR  [

16Mar2002 - Kerry & McCain Pledge to Continue Fuel Efficiency   [

16Mar2002 - ANWR Drilling - A Conservative's View  [

15Mar2002 - New Corporate Players Could Power Stronger Growth   [

15Mar2002 - Toyota Begins General Sales of RAV4 EV  [

15Mar2002 - U.S. Energy Policy Needs Fundamental Change  [

15Mar2002 - RMI Offers Green Developments CD  [

15Mar2002 - NEP Initiative Receives Bi-Partisan Support  [

15Mar2002 - UC Davis to House California Wind Energy Consortiu  [

15Mar2002 - Ztek to Provide SOFC to Connecticut Test  [

15Mar2002 - Australia's 27 Year Drought May Foreshadow Greenho  [

15Mar2002 - Forests Show Unexpected & Unnatural Ecology  [

15Mar2002 - NSF to Webcast Nanotech Symposium March 19th  [

15Mar2002 - Technophobes May Be Right Afterall  [

15Mar2002 - Sierra Club's Carl Pope - "Shame on the Senate"  [

15Mar2002 - A Failure of Energy  [

15Mar2002 - Senate Rejects Plan to Require More Use of Renewab  [

15Mar2002 - Driving Miss Detroit  [

15Mar2002 - DaimlerChrysler's Zetsche Defends Senate Vote  [

15Mar2002 - Detroit Brings Back the Muscle Car - How Ironic!  [

15Mar2002 - VW to Unveil Super-Efficient Two-Seater  [

14Mar2002 - Feds Disagree on How Much Oil in ANWR  [

14Mar2002 - US Lags in Renewable Energy Investments  [

14Mar2002 - Toyota to Pay $7.9 Million Settlement with CARB  [

14Mar2002 - Congress Fuels Wind Energy Boom with Tax Credit  [

14Mar2002 - Flexcar and Honda to Partner  [

14Mar2002 - Senate Caves In to Auto and Labor Pressure on Fuel  [

14Mar2002 - Vestas to Build US Wind Turbine Plant  [

14Mar2002 - Nissan to Use UTC Fuel Cell  [

13Mar2002 - Air Pollution Constricts Healthy Blood Vessels  [

13Mar2002 - BP Reaches Emissions Goals 8 Years Ahead of Schedu  [

13Mar2002 - Groups Charge Emissions Trading Not Working  [

13Mar2002 - Electric Vehicle Makers Try to Ignite Spark  [

13Mar2002 - Senate Fuel Economy Bill In Trouble   [

13Mar2002 - Toyota, Honda Forge Ahead in Hybrid Vehicle Develo  [

13Mar2002 - Senate Debate Over Fuel Economy Continues  [

13Mar2002 - Casio Plans to Sell Fuel Cell Batteries in 2004  [

13Mar2002 - Senate Rejects Tougher Fuel Efficiency Standards  [

12Mar2002 - California Water Agencies Want MTBE Phased Out  [

12Mar2002 - Japanese Firm Begins Test of Dimethyl Ether-Fueled  [

11Mar2002 - JD Power Sees Growth of Hybrid-electric Vehicle Ma  [

11Mar2002 - Wind NIMBYs Fight Renewable Energy Project  [

11Mar2002 - Bush Signs Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy  [

11Mar2002 - Canadian Group Plans 'Clean Coal' Plant by 2007  [

FinalWord 18Mar02
<strong>USA Today Calls For Elimination of Internal Combustion Engine</strong><br>
While the Senate was debating  - - vainly it seems - a national energy plan, USA Today waded into the fray by criticizing both Republican and Democratic energy plans.  While I don't necessarily agree with their comments regarding tougher fuel standards, here is some merit in their argument.  Here's what they wrote:
"Both [parties] insist that Americans 'free ourselves from our dependence upon foreign oil and the volatility associated with it,' as Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said last week. But neither plan sets a timetable or devotes sufficient resources to meet that goal. The only step that could wean the U.S. from dependence on oil -- and vulnerability to the chaos in the Middle East -- is the replacement of the internal combustion engine, something neither plan seriously addresses and science has yet to achieve. "
"Toughening fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks. If implemented perfectly, proposals would save vast amounts of oil and lower U.S. demand. But regulatory schemes never work perfectly. Even the environmentalist Natural Resources Defense Council admits the proposal would add thousands to new-car costs, driving people to keep the oldest, most polluting cars on the road longer. At the same time, past efforts at fuel efficiency have made cars less safe by making them lighter.
"Last spring's energy crisis solved itself without help from Washington. That's not to say the government has no role in deciding the nation's energy policy. But it should be one focused on moving the U.S. economy away from the internal combustion engine and the oil that cars and sport-utility vehicles consume.
"So far, the government has avoided making meaningful moves in that direction. Even Bush's highly touted plan to develop a car operated by a fuel cell would receive such paltry funding that it could take another decade before the car would be marketed.
"Unless Congress and the White House address the real problems lurking in America's future, no short-term fixes will stave off future energy crises."
<strong>My "Leftwind," Liberal Diatribes</strong><br>
I recently got an email from an angry reader who took me to task for my "leftwind" liberal views.  I am not sure if he deliberately misspelled leftwing or simply didn't check his spelling, something I am frequently guilty of.
Well, he isn't going to be any happier with my "Capitol Hill Capitulation" editorial this week either.  I thought long and hard before deciding to publish it.  I know it is going to make some people unhappy, but it was something I just had to get off my chest. 
As for my "leftwind" views, I've never thought of myself in that way. As a young man I thought of myself as staunchly Republican in a staunchly Republican state. Somewhere along the way, I guess my attitude and views changed. Maybe it's something that comes with age.  I think labels like liberal or conservative don't justly define who any of us are as individuals.  I think most of us are far more complex than these all-too-convenient labels.
Frankly, at 54 years of age, I am still not sure of who I am and how I feel about many things in life.  I hate war but understand the need for an aggressive "defense."  I appreciate the need for government, but distrust it, as well.  I realize the need for faith, but shy away from organized religion. 
So, if it helps you catalog Bill Moore as a "leftwind" liberal, I accept that in the same way that Non Sequitur cartoonist, Wiley Miller interpreted it recently.  He had his comic "super hero" Obvious Man explaining to some children how a once respected term of praise has been twisted and distorted into something to be vilified and sneered at.  He asked the kids if they knew what the word was. One of them piped up and said something to the effect, "No, but it sounds like a lot of liberal claptrap to me."

Stay plugged into EV WORLD, Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.11 - 12. März 2002
HARRY BRAUN ON HYDROGEN Author-businessman Harry Braun thinks we can shift from fossil fuels to hydrogen economy in just five years time if we launched the equivalent of a Manhattan Project today.

BATTERY REALITIES - PART 2 Anderman believes that for the time being, nickel metal hydride batteries like those that power Toyota¹s RAV4EV offer the best hope for hybrid and battery EVs.

IT'S AN ENIGMA - PART 2 Using a diesel engine in combination with an electric-drive is, in Burn's view, a win-win for the consumer and the environment, especially if the fuel is biodiesel.

10Mar2002 - USA Today Calls for Replacement of Internal Combus  [

10Mar2002 - Debate on Fuel Economy Turns Emotional   [

09Mar2002 - Senators Reach Agreement on Improved Fuel Efficien  [

09Mar2002 - Global Principles for Cleaner Vehicles Released  [

09Mar2002 - "Real-World" Mileage Requirement Rankles Auto Indu  [

09Mar2002 - Greenpeace Calls for Responsible Energy Leadership  [

09Mar2002 - Hydrogen Investment Conference Slated For April  [

09Mar2002 - Lightweight Compressed Hydrogen Tanks Power Fuel C  [

08Mar2002 - Ford Expects to Sell Many Hybrid SUVs  [

08Mar2002 - Automakers Up Hybrid Vehicle Produciton  [

08Mar2002 - White House Says Senate Energy Plan Means More Tra  [

08Mar2002 - GOP Support For ANWR Drilling May Be Eroding  [

08Mar2002 - As Technology Advances, Batteries Don't  [

08Mar2002 - Alternative Energy Could Enhance National Security  [

08Mar2002 - Natural Places Threatened by Bush Energy Plan  [

08Mar2002 - UCS Calls For 20% National Renewable Energy Portfo  [

08Mar2002 - Fuel Cell Council Urges Progress on Standards  [

08Mar2002 - Fuel Cells Cost Effective for Electric Power Gener  [

07Mar2002 - Kyoto Protocol Based on Lie Say Scientists  [

07Mar2002 - Scientists Study Recycling Scrap Tires   [

07Mar2002 - National Academy of Science Warns of Sudden Climat  [

06Mar2002 - Report Documents Oil Spills In Kenai Refuge  [

06Mar2002 - J.D. Powers Reports Growing Consumer Interest in H  [

05Mar2002 - UC Riverside To Work on Clean Hydrogen Engine  [

05Mar2002 - New X-Ray Camera Captures Fuel Injector Shock Wave  [

05Mar2002 - Ford's COO Pushes for Diesel  [

05Mar2002 - Diesel Exhaust Exacerbates Asthma in Children   [

05Mar2002 - Kerry Endorses Diesel, Angers Environmentalists  [

05Mar2002 - Advantages of Bio-Diesel Touted in UK  [

05Mar2002 - Nuclear Fusion Claim Leaves Scientists Cold  [

05Mar2002 - Tabletop Nuclear Fusion?  [

05Mar2002 - Tabletop Fusion Met with Enthusiasm and Skepticism  [


<b>Carmaker Urges Employees to Write Congress</b><br>
This past week an employee of one of the Big Three car companies sent me a copy of an email purported to be from company management.  The email urged employees to contract their US Senators asking them to vote against increasing CAFE standards.  The reason?  Meeting increased CAFE would mean numerous layoffs at the company, though the company didn't elaborate on why this would happen. And considering that car makers have idled numerous plants and already laid off hundreds of thousands of workers because of excess capacity, flagging sales of certain models and the need to restructure after a decade-long binge of buying other car companies, one wonders at the rationale for this email.
If you read last week's review of EPI/CSE's "Clean Energy & Jobs" policy paper, you'll recall that building cleaner, more technologically advanced vehicles would mean greater job security for American autoworkers, not less.
Ironically, the employee who sent me the email works on the hybrid-electric program and urged me to ask EV World readers to contact their Senators to ask them to support increasing CAFE standards.  You can easily do that from EVWorld's front page.  Use the link to the Union of Concerned Scientists' web site where you'll be able to send a free fax to your state's US Senators supporting improved CAFE.
Save American car company jobs!  Support tougher CAFE standards.
<b>Ford Plans To Sell Thousands of Escape HEV</b><br>
While one car company is exhorting its workers to stop attempts by Congress to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, Ford Motor Company executive, Prabhakar Patil told a conference audience last week that his company expects to sell "tens of thousands" of the hybrid-electric version of the Ford Escape SUV, due out in 2003.  As the head of the Escape HEV program, Patil even went so far as to say that Ford doesn't see the Escape HEV as a niche product, but that it has a good chance to become a "mass market vehicle."
While Ford has not yet set an official MSRP on the Escape HEV, Patil said that if it were priced right now, it would probably cost about $25,000, or roughly about 25% more than the non-hybrid version.
<b>Th!nk Discontinues E-Bike Sales</b><br>
It's now official.   Steven Hansen with Th!nk Mobility emailed me to confirm that the company has, indeed, decided to discontinue the sale of its pair of electric bicycles.  Here's what he wrote:
"In response to a posting in your EV World Update, TH!NK has decided to discontinue its line of electric bikes and has been selling its inventory at reduced prices. Customers and your readers should rest assured that TH!NK will continue to have a customer call center and will provide service and support for the bikes.
" TH!NK will now concentrate on the neighbor Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) and the city vehicle."
To be honest, I never felt that electric-bicycles were all that good a fit at Th!nk Mobility, and I am delighted to see the company is focusing on what I see are much more promising markets, especially the "city".  Thanks for the confirmation, Steve.
<b>More Traffic Deaths? </b><br>
Though no one can actually prove that increasing CAFE standards will result in more traffic deaths, the White House continues to parrot this auto industry argument. The theory is that the only way higher CAFE standards can be met is by building smaller, lighter and presumably less-safe vehicles. 
What the White House - - and backers of this theory - - fail to mention is that these vehicles would be perfectly safe if they didn't have to share the road with all those top-heavy SUVs American's have been buying over the last decade.  Given the advent of airbags and crumple zone technology, modern small cars are safe, as long as they aren't involved in a collision with a heavier SUV, in which case, the small car absorbs a disproportionate amount of the damage. 
So, is the answer to stop building small, efficient vehicles or to stop building SUVs?  Let's say everyone starts driving SUVs, would that make our roads safer?  Not according to the attorneys for victims of SUV rollovers.  It turns out that statistically these vehicles are more dangerous than the smaller cars.  If you didn't see the PBS special on <em>The Hidden Secrets of SUVs</em>, then you missed a very revealing documentary that exposes some of the auto industry and federal government's dirtier laundry.
From EV World's perspective one of the solutions to reducing traffic accidents is to stop building unsafe vehicles like SUVs.  Drivers of small cars will be safer, as well as those who who will be killed or injured in the 70,000 SUV rollovers that will occur in 2002.
<b>Tabletop Fusion?</b><br>
One of the more exciting pieces of news last week as the announcement that scientists at several laboratories, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory had demonstrated a new form of fusion using ultrasound waves in acetone.  By bombarding the acetone with sound waves, tiny bubbles were created. When these bubbles imploded, they apparently generated temperatures approaching that of fusion. 
Like the infamous cold fusion announcement over a decade ago, this announcement was also met with both intense interest and skepticism, especially since subsequent readings by a different measuring device saw no increase in the necessary atomic by-products of fusion.
It would be great if we could generate limitless amounts of pollution-free energy on demand, but ORNL cautioned that even if fusion can be demonstrated and measured, it didn't see a way this tabletop experiment could be scaled up to produce meaningful amounts of energy.
In the meantime, the wind continues to blow around the globe, the sun continues to shine and the tides continue to ebb and flow.  So, maybe this where we need to be looking for that pollution-free energy.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.10 - March 4, 2002

BATTERY REALITIES "The difference from the 80s to where we are now, fifteen years later, is that the batteries are 70, 80 percent there." -- Menahem Anderman.

IT'S AN ENIGMA Who said you can't build a parallel hybrid with 20 miles ZEV range? Not the team at San Diego State University. http://evworld.com/databases/storybuilder.cfm?storyid=312

MAKING THE CUT Does the economy have to suffer in order to cut US greenhouse gas emissions? No say the authors of Clean Energy & Jobs.


03Mar2002 - ZAP Files Chapter 11Bankruptcy  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news030302-01]

01Mar2002 - VW Bora Fuel Cell Car Crosses Alps  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news010302-01]

01Mar2002 - Hydrogenics Successfully Demonstrates Chemical Hyd  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news010302-02]

01Mar2002 - Renewable Energy In Growth Mode  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news010302-03]

01Mar2002 - Just Two Thousand Acres Is All We Want  [

01Mar2002 - Forces of Faith Enter Energy Policy Fray  [

01Mar2002 - Bush Inspects EV Prototypes and Offers ANWR Compro  [

01Mar2002 - Senate Democrats Unveil $15 Billion Energy Plan  [

01Mar2002 - Conservation Gets White House Lip Service  [

28Feb2002 - BAE Systems to Develop Prototype Hybrid Truck for   [

28Feb2002 - Industrial Aerosols May Play Short Term Role In Mo  [

28Feb2002 - Arctic Melt Down Could Mean Open Sea Lanes in Five  [

26Feb2002 - EVAA Annouces 2002 Conference Location  [

26Feb2002 - UK Proposes Satellite-Monitored Trip Meter to Redu  [



Reuters news service reported over the weekend that last Friday ZAP sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from its creditors.  Like many companies taken public during the heady days of the Internet bubble, the company that helped popularize electric bicycles and practically invented the electric scooter has seen its share price slip to below $1. 
For our readers not familiar with American bankruptcy laws, Chapter 11 allows a company time to try and reorganize itself, settle outstanding debts, and find additional operational capital.  Assuming it can satisfy the bankruptcy judge appointed to oversee the reorganization, the company can re-emerge as a viable entity. 

Th!nk Drops Bikes?
On a somewhat related not, an EV World reader wrote me last week that Th!nk has dropped its line of electric bicycles.  He claimed that the company isn't returning calls and he's afraid he won't be able to get service.  I've not verified this so, if anyone at Th!nk or Ford can clarify this, we'd all appreciate it.

Cutting Congestion in London
If you drive an electric vehicle in London, you won't be charged the new congestion fee that most other motorists will have to pay when they drive inside London's inner ring road in the near future. 
The Lord Mayor of London announced last week that the city would begin charging the new fee in an effort to cut traffic congestion in one of the world's most crowded urban centers.  Exempt from the charge are military and emergency vehicles, public transit buses, as well as EVs and other alternative fueled cars and trucks.

Global Warming and Junk Science
I am continually amazed at the number of people who view the topic of global warming as just so much unproven, "junk science."  One of my daily tasks as the editor of EV World is to scan the science newswires and almost without exception, every week brings one, two or more university studies vindicating yet another aspect of what certainly appears to me as a legitimate phenomenon, one which we certainly are only beginning to understand.
The arguments against global warming go something like this: It's a naturally occurring cycle. The earth has been warmer and its been colder and we're just in the middle of a nice temperate period.  Man's miniscule 2.5% CO2 contribution to the atmosphere isn't hardly worth worrying about.  And a little extra CO2 might actually be a good thing resulting in less severe winters and more bountiful crops.

Well, it seems that EV World isn't the only publication that gets taken to task for believing global warming is real and probably not a good thing.

Here's what the editors of Discover magazine recently wrote in response to a similar skeptic.
"Editor's note: Carbon dioxide levels are rising right now, so plants clearly cannot keep up with us. And while there almost certainly would be some positive effects of global warming, any major climate shift would also be hugely disruptive and costly. Carbon sequestration is one possible way to minimize the likelihood of such disruptions until we develop cleaner ways to generate energy. With reasonable foresight, we won't push Earth's environment to a disastrous extreme."

Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore

EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.8 - February 19, 2002

GLOBAL WARMING: NOW THE HEAT IS ON! EV World first webcast our interview with author and journalist Ross Gelbspan in the Fall of 1998, just after his book came out.

TVS AUTORICKSHAW GOES HYBRID-ELECTRIC TVS's concept hybrid-electric rickshaw boasts composite body panel, new interior layout and hybrid-electric drive.

SMUD: NOT JUST ANOTHER FOUR-LETTER WORD John DiStacio is SMUD's new GM for Energy and Consumer Services. He spoke about utilities commitments to a more sustainable quality of life in and around Sacramento.

THE EVS18 PAPERS: KYOTO'S PUBLIC CAR PROJECT Nissan Hypermini is one of two, two-passenger electric commuter cars utilized by the Kyoto program.  Only a relative handful have been built.

17Feb2002 - British PM's Top Science Adviser Calls for Gasolin  [

16Feb2002 - World Resources Institute Critical of Bush Climate  [

16Feb2002 - Volcano Study Proves Man's Role in Global Warming  [

16Feb2002 - NY Times Calls White House Ersatz Global Warming P  [

15Feb2002 - Bush Global Warming Plan Called 'Ghost of Enron'   [

15Feb2002 - Fate of Hydrogen Cars Seen Helped by Bush Plan  [

15Feb2002 - Senate Battle Brews Over Bush Emission Plan   [

15Feb2002 - California Power Agency Looks to Conservation and   [

15Feb2002 - Senate Debate Over National Energy Plan Begins  [

15Feb2002 - GM Nearly Doubles China Auto Sales in 2001  [

15Feb2002 - Bay Area Environment Groups Object to EPA Highway   [

15Feb2002 - Scientists Discover 50 Year Warming Trend in South  [

15Feb2002 - Decline in North Pacific Oxygen Levels Reported  [

15Feb2002 - Bush Global Warming Plan Gets Frosty Welcome  [

14Feb2002 - Nissan Restructuring Starting to Pay Off  [

14Feb2002 - Natural Gas Buses Take to DC Streets  [

13Feb2002 - Explosion Injures 5 at FuelCell Energy  [

13Feb2002 - LLNL Develops Micro-Fuel Cell  [

13Feb2002 - Canada to Restart Aging Nuclear Power Plants  [

13Feb2002 - Nanotech Brings New Hope, and Hype, to Market   [

13Feb2002 - Southern States Approved For Bio-Energy Subsidy  [

13Feb2002 - Senate Committee Considers EV Tax Incentives  [

13Feb2002 - First CERES Environmental Assessment Finds GM Want  [

13Feb2002 - 2001 Record Year for Ethanol Industry  [

13Feb2002 - New Jersey Governor Signs Smart-Growth Order  [

13Feb2002 - Bush to Unveil Global Warming Plan  Thursday  [

12Feb2002 - New Book Shows How to Reduce Waste by Studying Rai  [

12Feb2002 - Flywheel Technology to Demonstrated in Combat Hybr  [

12Feb2002 - Carbon-X Fuel Cell Developer To Present at GAF For  [

<b>UK to Ban Gasoline & Diesel Automobiles?</b><br>
Wishful thinking on the part of EV supporters?  Think again.  Professor David King, the top science advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, suggested just such a move this week in order for Britain to get its CO2 emissions under control.  You'll find the link to the story from London's Independent News in our news headlines above. 
What is even more interesting is that King isn't the first European to propose such a ban. According to the Independent News, the Lombardy region of northern Italy has already implemented just such a ban starting January 1, 2005.  No more gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles will be sold in this heavily industrialized region.  Only "green" vehicles, presumably battery electrics initially, will be sold, though I assume that current vehicles will be permitted to continue to operate until they are removed from service.
Obviously such a move would have an enormous economic impact on Britain, but so will the consequences of global warming, especially if the Gulf Stream stops flowing, which some scientists are now suggesting could happen.  While some in America might think King's comments a bit extreme, what many of us in North America don't seem to appreciate is how seriously the rest of the world takes global warming.
During a recent conference in Washington state, Ross Gelbspan, who we feature this week, commented that confusion over global warming stops at America's borders.  There is no confusion in the rest of the world, he asserts. Only in America where special interests have waged a continuous disinformation battle is there any doubt the climate is changing and man has a major hand in it.
<b>Bush Global Warming Plan Meets with Cool Reception</b><br>
With the exception of Australia, most of the rest of the World was critical of President Bush's alternative to Kyoto.  Under the plan,  USA C02 emissions would be tied to economic growth, in effect letting the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases increase its C02 rather than reduce it or even slow it, as the President contends. Critics in the UK note that the plan is essentially the same one ExxonMobil pitched to Tony Blair in meetings late last year, suggesting that the White House simply placed the presidential seal on it, touting it as its own.
After reviewing the plan, Japan said it would sign the Kyoto Protocol instead, effectively isolating the US.
<b>US TV Networks Catch EV Fever</b><br>
Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when CBS's 60 Minutes and Fox's Nightly News with Shepard Smith both feature stories on EVs in the same week, maybe the message is starting to sink in.
Although I missed the story, 60 Minutes looked at the issue of America's growing dependence on imported oil and what can be done to reduce it. CBS's Lesley Stahl took a Toyota Prius for a test drive as part of the story.  
A couple days later, Fox News did a feature on New York City's Th!nk station car program, interviewing one of the program participants, who was clearly excited to be an EV pioneer.  You'll recall that we interviewed NYPA president Gene Zeltmann on the Th!nk program last November. 
<b>Automated Email Headaches</b><br>
Finally, since implementing our new email format, we've had one set of problems after another.  This is some of the most complex code we've ever implemented and we're still working out the bugs. 
So, if you get multiple copies or maybe no copies at all, blame it on chief our programmer, yours truly.  I appreciate your patience and promise that we'll get this working.
In the meantime, if you hear me screaming in frustration, well. just ignore it!

Stay plugged into EV WORLD - Bill Moore


EVWORLD UPDATE - Version 2.7 - February 12th, 2002

CRITICAL EYE - PART 2 Toyota's fuel cell-powered Highlander SUV demonstrates the potential of a zero-emission power plant, but serious obstacles remain before consumers will be able to own these remarkable vehicles.

PV ECONOMICS 101 - PART 2 While Ken Adelman's 31kW private array is unique, Sacramento's Municipal Utility District is encouraging others to follow his example on a smaller level. SMUD practices what it preaches, operating one of the largest solar electric arrays in North America.

TAKE THE SOLAR RACE CHALLENGE Solar Challenge game, developed by students at the University of New South Wales in Australia, pits the player agains five computer run solar cars in the race across The Land Down Under.

FUEL CELL POWER GENERATION PRIMER - PART 3 Ballard's NEXA fuel cell is the world's first fuel cell capable of being mass produced. It is intended to fit niche as small, emergency power generator, running off hydrogen gas.

09Feb2002 - New Report Ranks School Bus Air Pollution By State  [

08Feb2002 - Religious & Political Leaders Join to Oppose ANWR   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-01

08Feb2002 - Bush Criticized for Continued Support for Renewabl  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-02

08Feb2002 - Japanese Researchers Develop Hydrogen-producing Ph  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-03

08Feb2002 - Bush Budget Puts $150 Million into Fuel-cell Vehic  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-04

08Feb2002 - Buddhist Leader Calls For Greater Committment to R  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-05

08Feb2002 - Bush Budget Calls for More Tax Incentives on Renew  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-06

08Feb2002 - Three Companies Join to Create Hydrogen Storage Fi  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news080202-07

07Feb2002 - Bush May Announce Kyoto Alternative Next Week  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news070202-01

06Feb2002 - Honda Steers Hybrid to Mass Market  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-01

06Feb2002 - Firm Reduces Size of Second Generation Carbon-X Fu  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-02

06Feb2002 - Senate Likely to Block ANWR Drilling and Raise CAF  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-03

06Feb2002 - White House Gives Glimpse of Greenhouse Gas Goal   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-04

06Feb2002 - Air Pollution Plagues Winter Olympic Site  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-05

06Feb2002 - New Study Projects Faster Rate of Carbon Dioxide B  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-06

06Feb2002 - Europe Moves To Introduce More Auto Dealer Competi  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-07

06Feb2002 - XFUEL Introduces Advanced High Density Aluminum Ox  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-08

06Feb2002 - Detroit Falls Asleep At The Wheel  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-09

06Feb2002 - Volkswagen AG Completes First Long-Range Test Driv  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news060202-10

05Feb2002 - German & British CO2 Emissions Rise Again  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-01

05Feb2002 - How Enron Scandal Harmed the Environment  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-02

05Feb2002 - Wilderness Society Issues Unusual Warning Of Anti-  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-03

05Feb2002 - Rochester Institute of Technology Expert on Freedo  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-04

05Feb2002 - Bush Budget Includes $4,000 Tax Credit for Hybrid   [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-05

05Feb2002 - Bush Offers Modest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-06

05Feb2002 - US Gas Guzzlers Top 'Meanest' List  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news050202-07

04Feb2002 - Maxwell and ISE Research Pen Strategic Development  [http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news040202-01

Fuel Efficiency & Environment Become Religious Issues
I came across two interesting news stories last week.  Both are now archived on EVWorld.
The first story explains how two dozen religious and political leaders joined Senator Joseph Lieberman at a press conference in Connecticut to show their support for a national energy plan that emphasizes greater conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. They also expressed their opposition to oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
The second story is about the spiritual head of 12 million Buddhists in 180 nations, calling for a renewed commitment to renewable energy and protection of the environment.
What is truly remarkable about these two stories from opposite sides of the planet, it that they share a common belief that man has an obligation to care for the planet and his fellow man.
Here's what Dr. Khalil Zonoozy, professor of world religions and the environment, School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University and one of the leaders at the Lieberman press conference had to say.
"A truly remarkable diversity of people of faith are coming together around this issue. Our traditions converge around the concept that we have a solemn obligation to care for creation, and for our fellow people. Sacrificing a place like the Arctic Refuge and a culture that has endured for thousands of years is simply wrong."
 Rabbi Warren Stone of the Central Council of American Rabbis echoed his words.
"Our tradition teaches that our overriding concern must be to protect God's creation from unnecessary destruction. There is no doubt that drilling in the Arctic Refuge would be destructive, and that it would be entirely unnecessary. Drilling is not the way to meet our nation's energy needs. The Senate should reject calls to drill the Refuge, and set our country on the road to a sustainable, clean, renewable energy future."
Looking beyond the issue of national self-interest and self-preservation, Daisaku Ikeda, president of 12 million-member Soka Gakkai, noted that the only real comprehensive response to the threat of terrorism is a renewed commitment to human security. 
He too is calling for a greater focus on protection of the environment through several UN-based initiatives, one of which is a new treaty promoting development and use of renewable energy.
The same day Lieberman held his press conference, three Republican members of the US Senate - - Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island - - also announced their opposition to ANWR drilling and support for greater fuel efficiency.
"Drilling in ANWR is not only contentious but inefficient as well," said Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine). "The fastest, cheapest and cleanest step we could take toward reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil would be to improve the fuel efficiency of America's auto fleet."
Finally, in a recent editorial commentary, the respected Christian Science Monitor took note of this growing momentum for tougher automotive efficiency standards, urging Congress to "put the governmental foot on the fuel-efficiency pedal."

Bush To Announce Kyoto Alternative
It seems that the White House hasn't been entirely preoccupied with the "war" on terrorism the last few months. According to several published reports, the Administration will release this week its alternative plan for dealing with the threat of global warming.
It is expected to emphasize voluntary compliance, credit trading mechanisms, and carbon sinks.  But mainly it will seek to minimize the economic impact on the US economy.

My suspicion is that if the Kyoto Treaty is too little, too late as some believe, then the Bush plan will be little more than political window-dressing for the 2004 presidential campaign.  I hope I am wrong and that free market forces will serve as a more powerful incentive for industry to begin limiting CO2 emissions, both in the US and around the world. I believe we somehow have to not only appeal to our better side on this matter but also to our petty side in order to thwart this approaching cataclysm. 

Used Fuel Cell GEM?
Finally, I got an interesting email from Bill Vinsant who had just returned from visiting a man with a used GEM neighborhood electric vehicle for sale.  The owner claimed he could get 100 to a charge with it.  Intrigued but skeptical, Vinsant drove out to the man's house.
When he arrived, the GEM in question was on a makeshift test stand. The owner obligingly took it down and out for a spin.
" We went to the Mall, to a Movie theater, and up and down some streets that only the brave would dare to travel," Vinsant wrote.  "But people just seemed to smile and wave with all five fingers. As we drove along I began to wonder where the motor was hidden, but as illusive as this gentleman was to the power plant the only information he was willing to give was the power came from a PEM fuel cell.
"After a one hour drive over all types and sizes of terrain the car never lost its pace. We arrived back at his home having traveled at least 20 miles.  The battery gauge still read 89 %.  The man then proceeded to put the car up on jack stands and block the pedal and away it went. He said the car was just passing the 100-mile mark on this charge. By far most impressive thing I have ever seen."
Vinsant reports the GEM is now for sale on Ebay, with or without the "fuel cell."  Like Vinsant, I'd sure like to know what's under the hood of this particular little GEM.

Stay plugged into EV WORLD, Bill Moore